BCDT to include Team Medic?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by region2, Feb 3, 2011.

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  1. I'm a BCDT and a Team Medic Instr - just heard that that the BCDT qualification is now going to include the Team Medic qualification (not the TM Instr) - has anyone else heard this?

  2. Yes it is and will be called the MATT 3 Instructor course. See ABN 01/11.
  3. What is that and where do I find it?

    ps. Found out that BCDT will still be taught at RTCs until 2014...
  4. Army Briefing Note 01/11, it is on Armynet, search for ABN. It should still be taught at RTC but will be expanded to include Team Medic training as I understand it. This may well mean that RTC instructors have to go do the Team Medic Instructors course to deliver it.
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  5. Only CMT 1 will be team medic instructors, you will leave as a MATT 3 instructor and as a team medic not an instructor of Team Medic courses
  6. The point I was making was that in order to instruct the new MATT 3 Instructor course surely the Instructor (i.e. at the RTC) would first have to qualify as a CMT 1 and Team Medic Instructor in order to deliver the Team Medic aspect of the MATT 3 course.
  7. ABN 01/11 is here on ArmyNET
  8. If anyone is qualified to teach MATT 3, are they still allowed to teach it.
  9. Yes, if you're a BCDT instructor you can still teach it. The team medic is a bonus qualification, however it does not allow you to teach team medic. I hope this helps.
  10. Yeah mate, great help.

  11. Not so - the BCDT qual expires and all BCDT instructors will need to requalify in/from 2013. I think ATU(London) are the only ATU teaching it at the moment regularly at weekends - Fort Blockhouse on weekdays...

    Taught by Team Medic Instructors, the candidates will be MATT3 Instructors and have the bonus of the Team Medic qualification.

  12. Hey i know this is random, but could you give me the post code of where BCDT instructor course is being run.... i've lost my joining instructions and need to be there tommorow! panic!! I know its in portsmouth and fort blockhouse ......
  13. Took me 2 seconds on Google. Good luck on the course as there's an entrance test!

    You'll notice that it's run by civvies and they'll knock off about 12 every day so prepare for afternoons of utter boredom! And watch out for the poisonous dwarf! You'll know who I mean when you see her!

  14. Yeah i read about the entrance test... must be just basic first aid tho surely!? Haven't done much first aid recently, would of been nice to know there was an entrance test... or maybe i should of read the joining instructions more thoroughly! :) Thanks for the heads up!


  15. The entrance test is based on Matt3 so I suggest you have a quick read, how do I know this? Well I'm one of the 'civvies' and I'm not the 'poisonous dwarf' I'm the taller one. You will finish at approx 1500 to 1530 most days not 1200, but lets not let the truth get in the way of a dit gents.

    Baz, providing you pass the course you will have a Team Medic qual that lasts for two years and a MATT3 INSTRUCTOR qual that lasts for three, this will qualify you to teach and assess MATT3 but NOT TO TEACH TEAM MEDICS

    Be looking out for you tomorrow Barry
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