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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by two_of_seven, Apr 27, 2009.

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  1. Can any instructors help with a few questions?
  2. What do you want to know?
  3. Essentially: the instructors handbook, What is its official name & is it normally supplied by unit?

    Israeli dressings: Is there a generic shortage of these (with afghan as it is) or is it reasonably straighforward to order some via QM etc.

    Velcro tourniquets: again is there a shortage or are they available via the system?
  4. The instructors handbook is on DII. There's a link on the back of the course certificate.

    Haven't tried ordering 'Israel' bandages or the new torniquets yet. We were told on my course (only a couple of months ago) that there was a bit of a shortage and we should be using stocks of the old types up first so that the new kit can be prioritised to front line.
  5. no shortage of new type field dressings, we got a load in last month.

    Not sure on the tourniquets though, couldn't get a hold of those, so maybe a shortage.
  6. Furry muff. We were told to use the old ones up first. If the new ones are available you might as well get hold of a few for training, at least the lads will know what they look like then.
  7. I got both through the normal system, didn't get as many CATs as I wanted though.
  8. Like Dev says, there seems to be a shortage of CATs, the US/our new FFD is not a problem, The Israeli one, if it's the one I think I've not seen outside of Telic.
  9. i ordered 200 of each for optag and to make sure each bloke had 1 each before they left all arrived no dramas so bang your dmds in with your ** code and you should get them if its just for trg order a small amount and use for demos etc