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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by hullboy, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone tell me how long the BCDT cse is? I have my joining instructions for 24th Sept for a week, but I have been informed it is only really 4 days??? Only ask as gonna take a buckshee day in UK
  2. Yeah, you will be done by 1400 on Thursday!

    Thais if there are no failures..... Which there will be none!
  3. I'm on the same, see you there. Where abouts in Hull are you from?
  4. can anyone tell me what a BCDT course is?
  5. Battle Casualy Drills Trainer, basically the person who takes you for your MATTS!!
  6. Accidental, I am WAS from BHE, No snard remarks!! If we get finished early I am popping there before coming back to germany
  7. If you are BFAT trained where do you stand with regards to BCDT?
  8. Excuse my ignorance, what are MATTS? When I was in they were green things designed for excercising on in the gym.
  9. You need to attend the whole cse as far as I am aware because of time elapsed.

    ex-medic (preparing for WAH) Matts are military annual training tests which replaced ITDs in 06.
  10. its 4 days long but as you have already been info`d you should be finished by COP Thursday but for Admin purposes ( just in case CDT ) pop in
    I dont believe it has ever happened but that allows you time to recover from the thursday night down town
  11. heidtheba your are correct you will have to do the cse (BCDT) again as the BFAT CSE is no longer recognised as an instructual cse
    having done both it is a chance to have another 4 days on the pop,
    as you will not be required to do any work outside the classroom because the instructors down there are on the ball.
    (as long as you can read from the book stupid ???)
  12. Don't worry about it, i'm a yellow belly. The long haired General is from the West Hull
  13. MATTS have taken over from the old ITD's. The whole course is well worth doing. The Cas sim ex is a good part to do.
  14. what happened to ATD's, did they go out with the arc
  15. only if they have converted their old qual which you cant do now.