BCDT Course Help

Hello all some help if at all possible

I completed the BCDT about a year ago, at my local BSTT 49 Bdge at waterbeach. We was given a disk on the course with regards to teaching books etc to help out but unfortunatly i have mispalced the CD & need to get a new coy of it if possible if anybody has this please let me know.
Give the BSTT a ring, I am sure they will oblige. BCDT is changing again so you could just wait for the update.
Wats BCDT changing too now i have to do a half day change retraining but didnt know it was changing again, i am trying to get a hold of the guys a BSTT but unfortunatly i have been trying & cant get a hold of the right person so i am waiting to get them at a weekend if possible,

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