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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by user, Jul 14, 2007.

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  1. I recently turned up to teach some lads BCD as a somewhat qualified instructor ... And was handed by a lad I was aiming to teach a 2007 BCD book which is somewhat different !

    Does anyone have a clue how a BCDT gets hold of one of them and an explaination as to why instructors aren't made aware of the admendments before passing them on Matts???
  2. This has been covered before.

    Speak directly to Gosport and they will send you the Version 5 aide memoire.

    You can download all the new powerpoint stuff from the Army site or defence intranet.
  3. the new version is also on army net as well
  4. any chance of a link to it or atleast a point in the right direction???


  5. Wicked got it all in PowerPoint but would be good to get my mits on a version, have you got the address in Gosport?

    Cheers for the help
  6. User where did you get it on power point i would like too

    if poss

    Sad sacks not sue mate i was flipping through it the other day & found it i think it it was in the libray somerwere but not sure hehe

    its defo there though
  7. User, where you got it on powerpoint, there is an e-mail and snail mail address for the team in Gosport.

    Watto, if you check out my previous post, after a bit of digging you'll find it!
  8. If it has Catostrophic bleed as the first actoin, then you,ve got the right one.
  9. Here you go matey.. :D

    BCDT Trg team
    Pandora Theatre
    Fort Blockhouse
    PO12 2AA

    POC Is Nick Cantrelle 9380 65202 / 65058 / 65297

    Just scroll down the left hand column and clickety click on BCD.
    Then use the drop down menu to choose which section to have a butchers
    Even better print all eleven pages off in A4 format and stick em in a nice
    NIREX folder to teach with... :wink:

    Hope this helps..The Devil... :twisted:

    PS..If anyone has the new Aide Memoire on Powerpoint, can you PM me
    Currently out of the country... :wink:
  10. The problem being, if you haven't been converted to version 5 as a BCDT, then you can't teach it and therefore have to teach v4? STABwise, since few units have v4 then the chances of having to teach v5 is slim,as folk have said Google BCDT and a link will appear that takes you straight to thire site, where you can down the the whole kit & caboodle, aide mem, trainers manual all the trainers assements, ie someone assessining the BCDT, every thing.

    As to updates, the RTCs should have run them by now, but since some didn't know about the update then they didn't ,no doubt due to the confusion over the MATT update & the V5 update, thinking it the same one!
  11. The BCDT course is a one-off attendance. After passing the course once(post MATT introduction of course) then you can teach any subsequent versions that are released. Updates aren't run for the course. All you have to do is update the current info from the web site and get the newest books in for the lads. That's why the updates are posted there. Otherwise you would be forever attending refreshers every time the BCDT team decide to change the book. This is the word from that Cantrelle t1t who runs it anyway.
  12. That makes sense, but isn't the course date related ie 5 years? I'm happy with updating from the Site but I'll check with the RTC before teaching v5
  13. Not since the change from BFAT to BCDT. Once it's on UNICOM it will stay there. It would make more sense to me if it were updated every couple of years as these are perishable skills that fade quickly if not used very often, but there is no percieved requirement for this by the powers that be.