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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by King-walt, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. Has any one used this?

    Products | Military | Hydration - BCB International Ltd.

    • Simple and effective water cooling works in the harshest conditions.
    • Clips easily and quickly to most quality in-line hydration systems such as Camelbak®.
    • Silent quiet operation.
    • No consumables. No batteries. No malfunctioning mechanical parts.
    • Does not require any external cooling i.e. over night refrigeration.
    • Lightweight at 410 grams (14.4 oz) dry.

    The device will signifi cantly help to reduce heat stress injuries and dehydration.
    In hot conditions water in a hydration pack can reach temperatures well above the core temperature of the body. Drinking warm water is totally ineffective to cool the body.
    The Chilly provides a continuous supply of cool palatable water. It therefore encourages frequent sipping and so improves hydration.
    It also lowers the core temperature of the body.
    Works simply by evaporation alone
  2. Dry? I'm assuming it will have water in it at some point, so how heavy when in use. Its not exactly discreet either.
  3. I'm contemplating taking one to India as I usually like to tab about, I did leave a camelback over there to use it with so I fancy doing a review
  4. A product bearing the letters 'BCB' should never be used.
  5. Well they supply our forces Combat Survival Kits and cam cream
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  6. Why not?
  7. Well considering I also sell their kit I haven't read any complaints or had any, and alot of their stuff is NATO issued with appropriate NSN, and to me that Chilly seems an interesting concept, I fancy taking one to see for my myself
  8. Ever been a regular infantry soldier? If not, you won't have seen platoon kit lists with some form of the following sentence, which I have just taken from an old one once given to me by my platoon sergeant when turning up to battalion as a crow:

    Daysack (good quality daysack ie Munro / NI Patrol pack, no rocket pouches and no BCB or Webtex specials).

    I think at a wild guess its something to do with Webtex and BCB being gash...
  9. I'm pretty sure that this sentence is utter bollocks.
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  10. And as I've just read on another thread you suggesting an ARRSE TRF to wear on tops etc, I'm guessing your not the coolest kid on the block are you?
  11. Well their kit that IS issued must have satisfied the stringent requirements for being a GI piece of kit... unfortunately the Chilly isn't "issued" as such but seems to have got some favourable reviews here

    BCB Chilly Water Cooler - Army Cadet Force .net

    Perhaps after reading that you'll eat your words about their kit being gash, thats from an actual field test in Africa, after reading that I fancy giving it a go myself
  12. I remember seeing this or somthing very similar reviewed on the gadget show a year or two ago, if I remember correctly they were fairly happy with it's performance.

    To me this seems like one of those things that would be perfect if you're not a soldier using it on exercise or ops, like the majority of the rubbish that BCB churn out.
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  13. Wow an actual field test in Africa, Jesus H Christ!!!!!

    As issued kit is always made by the cheapest bidder and quality is an afterthought, I shall not be eating my words you ******* mongtard. If you had ever been any kind of soldier you would know that issue tissue is generally gash.

    Have you ever served???
  14. Actually complaining about quality, I find the PCS kit quite good!

    I'm merely pointing out it has recieved a favourable review from a field test in Africa by a CFAV, US marines and our own bootnecks seem to find it a good bit of kit>.

    Yes, since 2003, might be TA but its not like any of my kits ever fallen apart and I've given it all fair ragging about
  15. "Drinking warm water is totally ineffective to cool the body."

    Mind you, BCB weren't exactly doing themselves any favours when they posted such an utterly obvious bone statement, thats like saying drinking cold water in the Arctic will warm you up