BCB Patrol ration pack (1 man, 1 day)

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sandmanfez, Jul 27, 2005.

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  1. I'm currently shopping around for some high calorie rations that can be eaten cold. These seem to fit the bill with five pouches, breakfast, dinner, two snacks and a large bevvy pack adding up to 4500 kcals. Has anyone tried them? I dont expect them to be tasty, just so long as they are edible without making you gag.
  2. Mars bars , mars bars ,mars bars, That is all you need to keep you going for a few days . And of course as much water as you can carry .
  3. My body is a temple, which is why I leave my boots on the outside, and women worship at my feet :wink: .
    But seriously, I know the empty calorie route works for many people but I dont eat sweets or junk food. Rat packs aren't perfect, but they are at least relatively nutritionally sound.
  4. Have you got a link to the rat pack in question?
  5. most stuff in tins can be eaten cold eg chilli, tuna, beans/sausages
  6. Ah, at the risk of looking like a total Luddite, I cant do it on this machine, but a quick google of: bcb patrol ration pack takes you straight to the relevant site and page.
  7. Granted, but to attain 4500 kcals from tinned foods would require you to carry about 2.5kg as opposed to 1.1kg for the rat packs, and you end up carrying shedloads of manky, empty tins. I leave nothing but (barely discernible) footprints :wink: .
  8. Ration Pack

    There you go. They do seem a little heavy at 1.1kg per pack. You'll certainly notice it if your going to carry a few days worth.

  9. If you wanted to reduce the weight a bit, you could go for the lightweight 1 day pack. It's 200g lighter (900g as opposed to 1.1KG), and appears to offer more selection (an extra meal and a load more snack crap), but it's less calories.

    It'd be worth asking the question "do you get everything in the picture, or just a selection?"

    Personnally, I'd go for the heavier one because of the higher calories.
  10. Cheers Boney.

    They are a bit heavy, but I'll be dumping the bevvy packs which will save a couple of hundred grams each, and I wont be needing mess tins or a stove. I'm prepping for a series of fairly arduous 48hr "excursions" so as long as these are moderately palatable, they should do the trick.
    The other packs do seem pretty reasonable, but I suspect that the contents may need re-hydrating and/or heating.
  11. To be honest, the descriptions supplied are arrse.

    Don't forget to let us all know which ones are any cop.
  12. 14 quid for that !!!!!!! Are you mad. I wouldn't waste my cash on that overpriced muck plus a fiver postage. I smell a rip-off

    Wouldn't a standard rat pack plus a few extras do the trick. All can be eaten cold, and I'm sure you'd get it free