Discussion in 'Cookery' started by TheBigUn, Jun 10, 2008.

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  1. It's that time of year and I'm after some advice. My previous Barbeque was the traditional charcoal type but I'm now being tempted to buy a gas one.

    Anyone with experience of gas BBQ's care to enlighten me before I part with any cash? Pro's and Cons, top tips etc?



  2. always charcoal.

    you can't get the proper barbecue flavour without it as the smoke from the coals helps flavour the meat. If you want to go the whole hog, get some hickory or applewood chippings and chuck them on a short while before cooking, makes it taste amazing!
  3. And for that authentic atmosphere, don't bother with a shiney new-fangled BBQ - get a 45 gallon drum, preferably still containing a residue of oil, hacksaw it into two shells and make a couple of hinges out of coathangers.

    A bit of mesh screen to cook on and you'll be the talk of the neighbourhood.
  4. yep, what he said. plus you'll be able to cook virtually anything on the facker, even a vegetarian!
  5. And remember, it's not burnt - it's 'cajun'.
  6. Don't be tempted. You might as well be cooking on a grill inside. It doesn't really taste of a BBQ, just grilled meat!

    I've binned our gas one and now back to fanning the flames. :D
    Much, much nicer.
  7. You'r taking too much room up in my gene pool, get out.
  8. That may be fashionable in East Hull cloudbuster but I was thinking of something more aesthetically pleasing to be honest. :wink:
  9. Having seen you try and light a Benghazi I suggest you go for the electric BBQ option

    Or set fire to one of those big gas pipes you work with now
  10. Gas "BBQs" are for hermers.
  11. The charcoal BBQ is the bastion of Britishness. One of the proudest parts of our culture is a semi-naked fat bloke, burning chunks of meat and slowly getting sunburnt himself. The end result - charcoal caked with grass on the outside, salmonella on the inside, and all the associated digestive problems for the next week.

    I totally agree. Definately use charcoal. It's all part of the experience. Edible food is for wusses.
  12. I never lost my eyebrows but I do know many who did.

    The resulting loud Woof became the official A2 reveille along with the black sooty mushroom cloud which helped those who were lost find the chefs tent/SQMS. :wink:

    I was only there because my wagon was broken down and I was at LAD main getting repaired, unlike some REMFS that I know who spent most of their time in the lap of luxury with A2 and Command Tp. :wink:

    Obviously that doesn't include the time when I was Cmd Tp Sgt but I don't want anyone to know about that so we will keep that between you and I. :wink:
  13. Charcoal every time. Lumpwood for preference-the "easy light" stuff always tastes of petrochemicals to me. Its easier to control too,just have different height grills.
    Gas barbies are just grills,they impart nothing but "burnt " to the taste,and all the cheap ones Ive tried have been dire.
    45 Gallon drums are great,just make sure theyre clean first,and pre-heat them when youve welded all the grills etc inside to burn off any remaining nasties. I like painting them with high temp paint after that,but you may like rust
  14. disposable ones ffs its the UK how many time are you actually going to use them?
    jamie oliver recommends something that costs over a grand I'm sure its very very good but turning a few bits of meat black 3 times a year not exactly worth spending loads on :roll:
  15. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Top chefs refer to it as 'Char Grilled'. :p