BBCs web trawl for soldiers grievances

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by SilverBullet, Jul 12, 2007.

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  1. All,

    Perhaps I'm spiting myself making people aware of this but the BBC Website is trawling for ex and serving Soldiers to complete an online questionnaire on Iraq, Afghanistan, The Military Covenant etc...

    We all know the rules... I'm not suggesting that a lazy journalist would not bother to do any proper balanced research, and would just target disgruntled servicemen and women and exploit any real or percieved grievance just to further their own career... but... they would.

    So, it's your choice, but we do enough washing of dirty laundry on here without providing any more career fodder for clueless Media graduates sitting in BBC Centre.

  2. The BBC is under a statutory obligation to be balanced and objective*. So I presume the said Tristram has included space in the questionnaire for people to describe how being in the armed forces has benefited them. There are just as many questions on that stuff, right?

    *stop laughing at the back - it's true
  3. Er... no.
  4. Where's the link? I trust the BBC to be fair and impartial.

    Like b0ll0cks.
  5. My bollocks are neither fair nor impartial, and i class them as belonging in the same catergory as the BBC's "Journalists".

    Under-worked, sweaty, smelly hairy wastes of skin, then.
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Liny here:

    And of course, not just for the TA. In fact, absolutely anyone can fill it in. For example, if I were a disgruntled member of a group that considered itself oppressed by the Military, or that the Army was attacking my brethren and sistren in Iraq, I'd fill it in lots of times!
  7. It gets up my nose the way that just about every story on the BBC website now carries a little bit at the bottom saying "Have you been affected by this story or got any piccies that we can use? If so, please email them now, otherwise we might have to leave the comfortable ivory tower that we inhabit and actually do some work. And that would mean mixing with real people."
  8. Complaint:

    "To Whom It May Concern,

    I would like to take this oppourtunity to say that i am disgusted by the very presence of a questionnaire at the foot of an article (Link above) which is asking serving members of HM's Armed Forces to comment in perhaps an insubordiate manner as to wether they feel that our position in Iraq and Afghanistan is justified.

    This is not something which Serving Members are allowed to talk about, as a rule, and to have an organization such as yourself disregard the regulations set in place for the very people who fight for the Country in your organization's name i feel is unacceptable.

    I will, however, answer one of the questions for you:

    "How have the media covered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?"

    A: Like the spineless, ruthless spinsters they are, without regard for feelings and only a desire to cause dissent our Country.

    Kind Regards,
    Steve *"
  9. Balls, should read "desire to cause dissent in our Country".
    Im sure that my complete failing of grammtical skills will severly hamper my chance of receiving a reply.
  10. I am intrigued to see that having completed the questionnaire, that the BBC will be verifying my details. How they can prove I am an ex-serviceman from my e-mail address or a telephone number I cannot possibly imagine! Still it looks professional! C0ck...
  11. My two penn'orth:

    "Despite the fact that any halfway decent journalist would know that it is not permitted for a serving member of HM Armed Forces to express opinion of matters of Govt policy, you still post naff little 'pop quiz' items like this and expect service personnel to drop themselves in the poo so that you can 'entertain' the proletariat. It used to be about reporting the news, not making it up and certainly not about contantly knocking your own country (and there is a vast difference between questioning policy and knocking it)."
  12. Question 10.

    Is that a trick question? because neither gets a regular mention at the top of the news unless it's a slack evening, or there is a gap between a Paris Hilton and Pete Docherty story. :x
  13. I have an answer back from the complaints team, as follows:

    "Thank you for your email regarding the questionnaire on the BBC website. As we make clear all the data received will be verified first, so any serving soldier who has a story to tell will be spoken to and their details and stories, if relevant, followed up in our content. This questionnaire was merely the first means of reaching those with experiences to tell and they could of course have spoken to their senior officer if they wished to. We are of course very aware of the complexities behind these questions and in our content both on tv and for the web which result form this, will go into detail about those complexities using stories from those who really know what is going on. We have also put a comment box there and many people will add further detail as a means of clarifying their choices in the questionnaire."

    Of course.

    Sounds a lot like "Wind your f*cuking neck in SparkySteve, we are going to get away with it anyway" to me....
    Serves me right for trying to fight against freedom of speech! :x
  14. Posting my reply, more as a reference as im sure by now that everyone else will have lost interest, but im riled now.

    "To Whom It May Concern:

    Thank you for your reply.
    I would sincerely hope that the person who took the time to reply to me is not in charge of something more demanding grammatically, such as writing the Auto-Cue, but at least that would make the “News” about Pete Doherty or Paris Hilton seem a touch more interesting...
    You have missed the point I raised about serving members of HM’s Armed Forces not being allowed to contact Journalists without express permission, but I assume that you are hiding behind some sort of “Freedom of speech” veil.

    I am disappointed in the way my complaint has been handled, as I only appear to have received a response (A poorly written one at that) which is designed to “fob me off”.
    I have grown up holding the BBC in very high regards, as a National Institution in fact, but it does really appear to now be a case of yourselves trying to cause as much controversy as you can to raise your ratings.
    In my own personal view it shouldn’t be like that, as ratings do not affect any advertising deals for you, and I tend to yearn for a more unbiased organization.
    Something which I do not believe exists any more.

    Kindest Regards,
    Steve *"
  15. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Dear BBC
    What would I like to say to the Armed Forces

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    When I left school there used to be a saying round here:
    The three R's = Rowntrees, Railway or river because if you couldn't get into the first two you threw yourself into the third
    I however took the Queens 25 quid and off I went
    My mates took the other routes and derided me as cannon fodder and told me the IRA will get you

    They went every where by bike it's all they could afford
    I had a car
    They thought everynight in the same pub was a good night out
    I went to bars and places that would make there heads spin
    They couldn't take their girlfriends back because they lived at their mums
    I did things that would make a porn star blush
    They saved every penny to go on a lads week to Blackpool or spain
    I went to Germany,Cyprus,Egypt,USA,Kuwait,Iraq
    They got poxy flats and worried about council tax and bills
    I had to worry about enough beer money to last the month
    They took there washing home to mummy every weekend and asked her to do their ironing
    They didn't want to stand next to me on nights out because I pressed my kit and they might cut themselves on my shirt sleeves
    They meet each other and stand round in virtual silence after 5 minutes when the are you still there?/ with her? etc conversation has dried up
    I talk to lads I last served with 10 years ago and we have always some great topics to cover
    And so I could go on all day and night
    I could start banging on about crap DMS boots or anything else you want to here but I won't
    Likewise I won't comment on Iraq or Afghanistan exept this:
    I'm out the armed forces now but went to Iraq in 2004
    It was fantastic I earn a great wage and have a great job in one of the 'R's' but if I got the chance to go to Iraq or Afghanistan tommorrow you wouldn't see me for dust
    You caN never guage feeling or opinions by a questionaire get out there and play the game you will meet the finest people you are ever likely to meet
    Once a warrier comes flying past your snatch it's 30 mil banging away like Natasha on a night out then you will understand why we get fukced off when our mates's storie are relegateed behind the Beckhams and all the other non - entities

    Hope this helps