"BBCs waging an Orwellian campaign against British values"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jan 24, 2007.

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  1. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/story/0,,1997288,00.html

    Do you agree with mr.Dacre?
  2. Absolutely not. I refuse to even wipe my backside with the Daily Hate and perhaps its Orwellian nickname offends Mr Dacre into trying to portray the BBC in a similar manner.

    The Hate neatly captures all that is wrong with tabloid journalism - self-important hubris, advertisements masquerading as news, shoddy and irresponsible journalism, ridiculous and often racist agendas, and a penchant for dead stories such as the death of Diana.

    I have more time for The Sun, and think that we should move on to lampooning Mail readers as pathologically thick and unable to detect or resist the poison on its pages.

    Rant off, it would seem.
  3. What exactly is a 'quality reader'?
  4. Funny that, as it seems to be one of the most popular newspapers in our mess. Maybe you're more interested in what 'page 3 Bekki or Nikki - 18 from Southend's opinions are, or what's happening on Big Brother. Now tell me again who should be lampooned?
  5. the sun is thick and knows it
    the hate thinks its smart and is'nt, Hurrah for the black shirts anyone?
    have a friend old school leftie pickets the ideal home exhibtion every year
    just to hand out leaflets pointing out how odious the hate really is
  6. Oh the irony!

    A sun reader who holds the readers of the daily mail in contempt for their relative levels of intelligence

    We truly are not worthy! :worship:
  7. I made my views abundantly clear this morning on the comments section of that paper following the article. On the one hand, Dacre commences his article withe the contention that the tabloids reflect public opinion and then later in the same article, he castigates them for reflecting Rupert Murdoch's opinion. I invited him to reconcile these two inconsistent statements.

    Regards and best wishes
  8. My post does not say that I am a Sun reader, merely expresses a preference between the unreadable and the unspeakable.

    And my opinion stands - if you accept an exclusive diet of the Daily Hate then God help your grey matter.
  9. Lemme see now . . . erm, the Hate and the Scum . . . ooh er . . . and the Grauniad, the Times and the Tellingraph . . . actually, AND the television news stations generally get ALL their stories from Reuters. All they do is spin those stories in whichever they want.

    For example: Reuters: Blair Takes a sh!t.

    Tellingraph: Blair known to defecate.
    Times: It has been known for Mr Blair to use a toilet, but we are unaware how that affects todays market.
    Grauniad: The Dear Leader is Just Like You, you know mmmmkay?
    The Beeb: Tony Blair this morning visited the toilet and defecated, let's go to bob in Washington . . . Bob, how is President Bush reacting to this news?
    Fox News: We have just received news that President Tony Blair, hero of the USA and close friend of Bush, and a loving, caring Catholic Republican this morning took time out of saving the world for a quiet dump and a moment of reflection on the worlds terrorists.

    The readers and viewers who sneer at each other based on their taste in paper or news channel are the biggest muppets of all. It's the same Sh!t no matter which way each outlet spins it.
  10. It is what a Daily Wail reader thinks other Daily Wail readers are.

    Daily Wail headlines are about as good as the ones on the National Enquirer.

  11. Agree 100%. It's important to get news from a variety of sources so you can evaluate the bias that's been imposed.

    having said that, I do find the Mail practically unreadable - designed for sub-100 IQ troglodytes AFAICT
  12. The tellingraph used to be a bit high-brow, but now there is nothing out there that tests me grey matter. I occasionally dip into the mail for a bit of light entertainment, but the Scum? Never. I am inclined to read the Scum as much as I am to read the Trotski Review, Socialist Worker (oxymoron), or Bliar speeches. Some things you just don't do!
  13. All news needs to be digested with a pinch of salt. The Telegraph loses its marbles when it comes to Israel v Palestine, The Times has become very anti-US, etc.

    What you need with the Mail is one of those yellow roadside salt hoppers full to the brim with L1A1 Salt which will last you about half a copy (or one colour supplement).

  14. I read the daily Hate - confession is good for the soul- but I have to state that some of the entries are puerile along the standard of the Scum, Mirror, or Star or as biased as those in the Grauniad or Independent. Having said that, I believe it is true that it is the biggest selling paper of those who purport to do news and the sales facts speak for themselves. So, is the standard of readership dropping, or has the Mail lowered its standards to get more readers from a biger catchment area?

    A bit of both, I think. It is well known that all of our papers back one party and do their best to slag of another, the exception being Murdoch the Kingmaker, who uses his empire to change national policy - or tries to.

    At the end of the day, the Hate does try to limit the excesses of the PC Islington set and long may it continue to so! :thumright: