BBC's Silent Witness

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SONAR-BENDER, Feb 9, 2013.

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  1. I used to enjoy Silent Witness, however, this current series has been slightly bizarre to say the least. We have the new guy, who apart from being a gobshite is also a cage fighter, being given a job without replying to any advert AND brought his own assistant, the beautiful Davros. Then there first few episode featured female senior detectives who were also gobshites and would not listen to the resident experts. Then there is Davros scoting about in the wheele bin - wtf is that all about?

    Last night's final episode set in Afghanistan (NOT!) was worse than appalling. No wonder Leo decided to snuggle up to the suicide bomber!

    Yes, I know there is an OFF button on the telly, but it was so bad I just had to keep watching!
  2. What is this Points Of Fucking View?
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  3. No. It's a site which was once funny and which has now been overrun with shite posted by bell ends.
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  4. I've posted some complete shite in my time on ARRSE but what motivated you to come on here and post this? Are you now too fat to leave the house and babble this random nonsense to total strangers in the bus queue like you used to?

    Please light a hexi block and hold it in your hand til it's burnt out.
  5. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    I haven't really watched it at all ever but I've had it on iplayer last night rattling through the series and its watchable enough. just doing the 'afghan' on at the mo.

    PMC with sa80 was a bit far fetched.

    seeing as it in the naafi though stop being a cock :)
  6. I do agree it was utter rubbish. End of!
  7. Emilia Fox getting all hot and sweaty in the Ghan, what’s not to like?

    Honestly bloody sites becoming infested with Homos
  8. I used to enjoy it.However in an effort to make it more saleable to overseas markets they have gone away from the forensic science and gone full on into the guns and drama route.
    Last week an train carrying a nuke caught fire in a tunnel and nobody except the "evil powers that be" knew about it? Oh come on!
  9. I agree with the OP - verging on utter tripe. The 'detectives' all seem to have gone mad and why the so-called forensic team seem to have taken on the role of the police is somewhat baffling. The new bloke is, at best, weird and Davros gives me the creeps.

    On the plus side I absolutely loathed Leo and so was delighted when he was vaporised last night.
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  10. I was on ARRSE in the dining room when it was on. The reason I know was the amount of bone fucking questions the wife and junior ACAB were asking me about the powers of RMPs, did I have an SA 80 in Iraq, can the RMP arrset civvys etc. Intrigued I watched about 5 minutes of it which consisted of some scruffy cunt in uniform talking utter drivel that would have got a first week probationer a fucking dig.
  11. Its only entertainment for fucks sake. It is not real. lighten up chaps.
  12. Spooks used to be good as well.
  13. She's got two backs - my cleavage is bigger than hers. Still would though.

    For the OP - perhaps you may have got a more considered response if you had posted in the right area (Films etc) rather than inviting a slagging off in the NAAFI. I have to admit, the programme is complete shit and I believe now that the Prof has been vapourised, there are no original members of the cast left? It is the TV programme equivalent of Triggers broom.