BBCs FM broadcasts knocked off the air in Russia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by parapauk, Aug 17, 2007.

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  1. Just today I listened to BBC-Russian in Moscow on 99,6 FM. BBC brofcasts from 7:00 to 10:00 in Moscow on this wave its program 'A morning on BBC' each day (excluding Saturnday and Sunday).

    As for propaganda, then yes of course. What else could one expect.

    Those that would like listen to BBC could make it on other waves or using internet.

    But for me personally it is a sad decision. Now in my car on the way to my office I would be voided BBC, voided an ability to express my point of view that sometimes puzzled radio hosts.
  2. I'll give your ability to access the BBC website 18 months, tops. A growing middle class with access to such information simply won't do for your powers that be.
  3. And it beats the hell out of listening to numbers stations, eh Sergey!

    [Only kidding mate...]
  4. Proximo, 90% of FM radio stations in Moscow are music. There are only 3 Radio brodcasters in Moscow that are focused on news and current events: Radio Russia (official state-run), Mayak (popular, state-run) and Radio Echo of Moscow (pro-Western, liberal). normally I listened to Echo of Moscow in my car but as BBC emerged on FM waves I switched to it.

    Alas BBC has been turned off. Such a pity.
  5. I wonder if the internet is next for you guys. It's interesting this position thst Russia is taking. For the west, it seems like a few steps back.

    Still waiting on Putin to deliver the "We will bury you!" speech and poung his fist on the podium.

    I feel for you sergey. Honestly. It seems likely that will begin to see a lot of the freedoms you had erode away.
  6. Don't worry and be happy Ghost. I'm OK and feel myself absolutely free.
  7. Sergey, I'll do you a very good deal on a second hand AM set.

    Then you can listen to decadent bourgeoisie propaganda (and the cricket commentary) to your heart's content.

  8. BBC spreading propaganda Sergey - who for?
  9. The same fcuked up anti everything, hyper liberal elite that has effectively screwed up so much of the UK and will gleefully do the same for whoever they can.

    Nevertheless this and the closure of the British Council in Moscow last year shows a disturbing weakness and insecurity at the heart of Russia’s establishment. I personally thought they would be more confident. Making Russians listen to the BBC on crackly frequencies like they did in the Soviet days only increases its ‘cool’ catchment and increases the gravitas of its message.

    Also as other posters have indicated in the internet age its simply silly.
  10. Yeah but even the internet can be filtered, AJ. Just ask anyone in China, N. Korea or Iran.
  11. ”Now in my car on the way to my office I would be voided BBC”

    You have a car! :omg: You must be a Kom????? at least then? :wink:

  12. As I sit here in China writing this I can assure you that internet censorship is a very difficult thing to do well, The Chinese (the worlds experts) only manage to ban a few of web sites and keywords - the BBC news web site being one but not BBC net radio.

    Mind you I do have to ask just how many Countries; the US and UK included would allow a major foreign broadcaster to operate a FM transmission tower in their capital city.

    A spot of Yeltsin carelessness perhaps?
  13. Of course you are right. But I suspect that really too few are listening to BBC now in Russia. Several times I rang to BBC-Russian from my car, left number of my mobile and each time I was called to express my opinion on this or that topic. So I make a conclusion that a number of those that rang to BBC was not big.

    Era of radio is in the past. TV is the main mass media. Now there are 30 cost free TV channels in Moscow including Euronews (in Russian), Animal planet, Discovery, Eurosport, Eurosport 2, MTV.

    Soon, radio mVoice of america in Russian will be closed. Reason - too few are listening to it.

    Btw, BBC hasn't own FM wave in Moscow, it used frequency of private Big Radio 99.6 FM. Recently the Bigradio was sold to a new owner. And namely the new owner stopped transmitting of BBC programmes.

    BBC should pay for own FM frequency in Moscow to avoid problems (though it is very expensive). Yesturday on Radio Echo of Moscow I heard that an official in Moscow proposed to BBC to register own FM frequency that BBC have never done.