BBCs "CLICK"s investigation into FACEBOOK security.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bovvy, May 4, 2008.

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  1. Just caught a snippet of the "CLICK" programme on BBC's News 24. They were saying that Facebook put its members security at risk by using third-party applications for its games and quizzes. It demonstrated that, if one of your Facebook "friends" used one of these applications, sufficient information might be obtained about YOU to put you at risk of identity theft. In contrast, My Space use applications that run on its own servers.

    This is the results of CLICK's investigation:

    There is another BBC article about this investigation (with a video) here:

    There have been concerns about Facebook on Arrse before:
  2. Yeah, thats why I don't have any of those crap applications..dodgy as fook
  3. Your not the only one, the alarm bells ring when you have to agree that the apps can access your personal details.
  4. But have your "friends" downloaded the applications?
    (And I'm not being some sort of "clever-clogs" here. :roll: I thought I'd give Facebook a try, but don't think it's my "cup of tea". Hence, I have a false name and only have my daughter as a friend. I tried to get rid of the one application I accepted from my daughter, without success. I did once try to change my name to my real one ....... also without success.)
  5. Oh ........ Facebook does change ones name ....... eventually. 8O It was a month (or more) ago that I asked for my false name to be replaced with my real one. So, when nothing had been changed after 2 weeks, I assumed they wouldn't do it. I was glad about this, as I had decided it was a rubbish decision. But they have NOW changed my name .......... after a MONTH!

    And I have found (by chance) the setting to remove the application. There is such an array of settings on Facebook. :x
  6. Some people have about 200 applications on their page. It takes about 6 weeks just to load the bastard profile up.

    I only use about 8.
  7. Continuing on my "mission", I just found this:

    BBC News article "Facehooked" from December 2007

    ....... here is an excerpt:

  8. Not really a surprise - I wouldn't touch any of the "social networking" sites.
  9. You would have to be stupid to put private info on Facebook. I'm on there but the only info is my name and photo.

    I have friends who have put there home number and address, its daft...
  10. Bl00dy Facebook!!!!! ........ :x

    (Actually, I do use it a bit more now. :oops:
    But, to be honest, there is nothng on my profile that would cause me problems in the wrong hands.)

    ....... Over the past few days, my friends have commented on their friends' photos.
    The photo on which they have commented has appeared in my newsfeed.
    Being a nosey b1tch, I have clicked on the photo.
    And, bugger me!!!! ....... I have access to the whole sodding photo album of a complete stranger. :omfg:

    I expect there are settings to prevent this occurring when someone comments on ones photo, but doubt many use them.

    (Edited to add the link to bookmark my other Facebook moans.):
  11. Damn I'm going to take off my home address, bank card details, better take off that I'm going on holiday in Nov as well. Best remove all the compromising photos on there, I'm sure there is more......

    As with everything computer related the only security threat is yourself.
  12. This:

    is a differently worded and more pleasantly presented article about the investigation upon which I launched this thread.
    It seems that there are some interesting links to the right of the article.

    Edit: Oooooooo!!! And an article rom "The Register" about Paris Hilton's security .......

    ...... but applicable to us all (with some interesting-looking links beneath the main body of script).

    More websites on the subject of Facebook security:,1000000189,39389297,00.htm
  13. With regard to the photos.

    My security settings are high out of personal preference rather than anything I'm hiding, however I concede that they will no doubt be viewable by those with the know how and persuasion to do so.

    Even when set on the 'only me' view privacy setting, if you cut and paste the link at the bottom of the page 'Show people this album by sending them this public link:' they can be seen, well as its says on the tin really, without logging on at all. This has to be a backdoor that can be exploited?

    That said I don't see it as a problem, yet.
  14. erm, you can change it yourself which takes about 2 minutes by clicking "settings" on the top right of the page. who did you ask to change your name? 8O

    i really don't see the problem here. my name isn't exactly a secret, and if people feel voyeuristic to look at my photoalbums then go ahead.
  15. It was that "change name" thing in "settings" that I used. :D
    I recall it said something about having to confirm the name change, but don't recall it saying it took about 24 hours (in April).
    And it took them a MONTH (during which time I had had second thoughts :roll: ).

    I must have been in a serious frame of mind, at the time.
    I would imagine that now I would just abandon that account and open a new account in my real name.

    Facebook is the first (and only) website on which I have used my real name.
    I have only ever used sites like this, where, if asked, I can easily deny all knowledge, saying "Nah, that's not me!"
    I have nothing to hide, but it just makes me feel uncomfortable having my real name on the internet ......

    ........ Yet I don't shred my mail.