BBC4-The Shankhill Butchers: Mon 7 Nov 2011 2100

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by FourZeroCharlie, Nov 7, 2011.

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  1. Just staring now, for those of us who remember those times and these lunatics.
  2. Watching this now & looks interesting
  3. Cheers for the heads up!!
  4. Agreed.

    Can't believe the retired Peeler said that the UVF did'nt know who was behind the murders. Murphy's name was common currency then.
  5. I was born and raised on the Shankill and was at Secondary School and living on the Shankill estate when the Butcher killings were happening. Believe me very few people if any bar themselves knew who the killers were, there was a feeling of fear within North and West Belfast.

    My late father was in the Masonic and his Lodge met in the Masonic Hall next to Crumlin Rd prison, I remember sitting up late and waiting until he came home from his meeting and festive board because I was petrified of anything happening to him.

    Scary times.
  6. It's the first time I've heard it said that his own side passed Murphys whereabouts to the IRA so they could banjo him.
  7. One of our blokes was seeing a chick on the Shankhill on the 89-91 tour. Her Dad wasn't impressed especially as the bloke was black. Got topped by the IRA in her house on the Shankhill. Apparently her Dad or one of his muckers passed the info to PIRA. So the RUC reckoned at any rate.
  8. Not sure which is the more shocking, the murders themselves or the large turn out at the killers' funerals.
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  9. Live by the sword.............
  10. Did the shankhill butchers do those square sausages?

    I used to love square sausages and soda bread. Really made the Irish Breakfast (which is pretty much the same as the Full English TBH) and white pudding.
  11. Sadly he didn't go the same way as his victims. I'd rather take a nice grouping to the face than go via a few hours torture and a slit throat.
  12. Wrong, Private Tony Harrison he was killed in the east of the city and targeted by a taxi driver A taxi driver, Noel Thompson, who picked him up at Belfast airport and informed the IRA was later jailed for 12 years for conspiracy to murder. Nothing to do with the Shankill or the girlfriends father.
  13. It's frightening to see that there's still a real level of animosity between catholic and protestant representatives even as they talk about events that unfolded 30 years ago. I'm not necessarily talking about the families, more the talking heads who were offering accounts or opinions.

    Even Nolan seemed adamant that Jimmy Nesbitt and the RUC were allowing the killings to happen, which was a pretty intense acusation to level at the man's face.
  14. That was doing the rounds years ago: depending on who you believe, the untimely and sudden death of Murphy was a result of a deal between PIRA and UVF, and with the tacit approval of the Peelers.

  15. Didn't Marty MacGartland claim to have been the driver on that hit? FFS I'm going to have to google it now.