BBC4 A Bridge to Far

good film, but still too americanised...

great quotes from this film though, especially re. cup of tea
Best bit is between Elliot Gould and Michael Caine over the " Bailey Crap ".. You mean that fine peice of British engineering? ..etc. etc..
Been watching. Good film if a tad cliche'd in places. Nice memories of p*ss ups in Arnhem. Making me look forwards to my week at Assen for the TT.
The only problem is that it makes us out to be a bunch of idiots. Robert Redford just said to a Brit Off "Do you always do things by the rules?" Hello Pot, this is kettle, message over...
Tot Ziens !
I took Dad to Arnhem back in 91 when he visited me at Bruggen. Went to a war cemetary outside the town & he spent a hour or so looking at the names there.I think he knew a few of the RAF guys there & he was very somber after leaving,paying his respects as we done as well.
A few years later when the cemetary was descicrated by mindless vandals,Dad was furious beyond words.
We saw the film in the cinema when it came out in the 70's & it's one of my favorite war films.Americanised but still great viewing.They dont make them like that anymore!!!
Best lines in any war movie. When the German officer is asking for their surrender;

British officer, "Sorry old chap! I'm afraid we don't have the facilities to accommodate you all"

German, "Voss??"

British officer, "Sorry! Just can't accept your surrender"

The look on the Germans face is classic.

A great movie
It is a cracking piecve of logistical film-making.

One tiny niggle for me is the cap badges and the rank slides. They keep flying about all over the place.

At one point an RAMC Major is wearing Captain's epaulettes and a Brigadier's cap badge.

I love the chap with the umbrella. I can only aspire to be as eccentric.


Geordie-blerk said:
I like the tanks, they shoot big bullets! WOW!
Yes, pity that they had to use Leopard 1, but then, it did give our Nederland allies a chance to drive them about a bit.

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