BBC4 23:15 Frontline Afghanistan 02/08/09

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Curve15, Aug 2, 2009.

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  1. Tonight on BBC4

    "It's March 2009 and the Queen's Dragoon Guards, known as the Welsh Cavalry, are coming to the end of their bloodiest tour of duty in 50 years. The Taliban is a determined enemy but the regiment has succeeded in keeping them at bay both in the south and north of Helmand Province.

    This programme follows them during some of their final operations, including one on St David's Day, which turned into a vicious firefight in a village near Garmsir. A third of the boys in one troop are only 18 and face a huge range of dangers. But their sergeant, Butch Davies from Swansea, does everything he can to ensure their safety."

    looks like it won't be available on iplayer & has been on before only on BBC Wales
  2. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Nice one mate!! cheers for that
  4. Watching it now, there's some footage of a Mastiff patrol with some lunatic on a quad-bike cutting about in-between the larger and slightly more protected vehicles. Quite interesting, from the 'orrible civilian perspective.
  5. RPG missed by 'just' 30 metres.
  6. Yes mate but the 107mm was pretty close and getting closer. A lot of editting was done to make it clear for TV.I am sure an experienced lad like yourself Harareboy99 understands.
  7. Glad it's on iPlayer; just watched the last 5 minutes or so as i'd forgotten to watch it earlier.

    I'm a cock :L
  8. Not criticising at all. Just found it amusing that an RPG 30 metres way was judged to have been close.

    But then again who am i to judge? Apoligies if offense was caused.
  9. I dont care mate. We had a good day,didnt lose any blokes and we stuffed the Taliban.The camara man in the overwatch group had his camera go tits up,which was a shame as it was pretty busy.
  10. Jesus tonight, are you out there again?
  11. Yep back again. Oh to be in demand.
  12. You Ok Treacle?