Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by lgnd-bev, Nov 16, 2009.

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  1. Gary tank commander on BBC2 is quite funny, half way through should of said earlier...
  2. Just caught this on iPlayer

    Cant say I enjoyed it, it was painful to watch and in my opinon an insult to Scottish comedy. The "humour" was dry and the jokes few and far between.

    Do not waste your time.
  3. Only two things spring to mind when mentioning Scottish comedy- Still Game, and Rab C Nesbitt. Never bettered!
  4. Tankie2ndrtr

    Tankie2ndrtr Old-Salt Reviewer

    hahah brilliant.. ! My names gary and ! , well im sure one day.....
  5. What do you mean dont waste your time ? you have your opinion and i have mines :roll: and in my opinion i thought it was actualy quite good...
  6. Tankie2ndrtr

    Tankie2ndrtr Old-Salt Reviewer

  7. No one is disputing that you are entitled to your opinon, theres no need to be so defensive. Of course I have my opinon and it comes with an additional recommendation to readers not to waste their time.

    A camp tank commander nicknamed "Corporal Poo yer pants" who thinks the sun shines out of his behind after a tour in Iraq, displaying stereotypical views of the "average squaddie" with regards to his lack of knowledge of why he was in Iraq in the first place. Some non-sensical thing about pork pies and a Sgt again who displays the stereotype of a female in charge, cold hearted, snide etc.

    Add to that the terrible array of accents a mix between east coast accent using west coast slang.

    I stand by my comment, and respect your views.

    Again, do not waste your time with this worthless attempt at comedy.
  8. Watching the first ten minutes before I stopped . You'd be better respected on this site if you shouldn't have said
  9. Says Spanny, known to his "mates" as "Pranny Spanny".
    Still he is a nice enough bloke, just don't lend him money! :x
  10. Again, why the feck don't they get a squaddie in to shape their headress?! And 'Sarge' FFS! Sausarrrrge and massage come to mind.