BBC2 - Master Chef Goes Large

Discussion in 'RLC' started by fishfingers, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. 13 March BBC2 2030-2100 UK time

    Chef/restaurateur John Torode and vegetable guru Gregg Wallace look for the country's next star chef. The three finalists are on a cooking adventure of a lifetime.

    Today they're sent to the British Army base in Cyprus, where troops are training under extreme conditions. First they have to cook in the field for a Royal Welsh battalion on manoeuvres. Then they are given three hours to devise and cook a three-course, regimental dinner for high-ranking officers and their spouses
  2. Haven't NAAFI opposed this? :biggrin:
  3. Kebabs all round should see them ok.

  4. Or maybe runny egg banjo's and mock turtle soup
  5. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Served with a bottle of vintage Keo?
  6. At least it will be a treat for them to get scoff that is better than what the slop jockeys usually do.
  7. Mock turtle soup? Someone is showing their age...oh bugger, now I'm doing it! Quick nurse, the screens...

  8. I have still got a set of mess tins that smell of Hungarian goulash! mind you I used to like that
  9. Did my heart good to see the high ranking officers using the WO & Sgt's Mess placemats, not have their own or is the seniors mess better?
  10. Loved seeing the little fat one come out and announce to the diners, sorry but scoff is going to be a bit late, sorry...

    Nice also to see that no military were depicted as anything other than smart and on the ball. Just one question though, do the infantry really train on that lovely green grass in Happy Vally?
  11. Did you see last nights episode where the three hapless chefs had to cook for 'senior Army officers in Cyprus' - more accurately about 15 members of the Episkopi Officers Mess ?

    Priceless, despite the guests being in Mess kit, the room looked like the interior of a portacabin and the table would have graced any Granada motorway cafe. All they needed to complete the scene was plastic cutlery and a bottle of HP sauce on the table. I hope the meal was better than the setting.
  12. I liked the personalised RAF Sgts mess style place-mats!
  13. Yeah, been watching the programme quite a bit - sad eh. Last nights was a total p!ss take.

    They were told they were cooking for a Bn of troops under extreme conditions. What FKN extreme conditions might they be then. A few squaddies in their best combats crawling across some well mowed grass. Then marching - YES MARCHING left right left right to the field kitchen. What a load of bollock-s. Think the RRW need to go on a severe recruiting campaign as their Bn was only 30 troops.

    As for the Officers / Sgts Mess dinner - I was splitting at the seams. That fat useless sweaty chef was late with his stuff yet again. Then the SQMS told the cameras that he would have been jailed had it been him who was late with the first course - yeah right anything for the camera's. MUPPET.

    Too much bullsh!te for my liking - typical RRW.

  14. What kind of twa.t mistakes strawberry jam for strawberries...... it's tinned food for fu.cks sake. I suppose the combat indicator could have been the picture of strawberries on the tin.

    The SQMS should have been jailed....... for being a chopper.