BBC2 last night - Cake and Arrse Party

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Escape-from-PPRuNe, Dec 8, 2003.

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  1. Anybody see the BBC2 documentary about a group of Yanks going on holiday to Israel for a spot of "Counter-Terrorism Training" last night? What a Cake and Arrse Party! They were a bunch of hopeless civilian gun nuts and red-faced fatsters! They had NO IDEA what was going on around them! Worst of all, they didn't even confine themselves to running about playing at soldiers in camp. No. The organiser (in a fetching floppy white t-shirt, blue jeans and Uzi ensemble) took them out "on patrol" (patrolling for what? reporting to who? why?) in the centre of Hebron, of all places. Fortunately, the Arabs restrained themselves from wasting the imbeciles, and they didn't get the opportunity to cause any trouble, but even so. I was a little surprised that the Israeli guard commander at the check point let them through - who wants a bunch of amateur gunmen wandering about your sector?

    Later on, they went out in the desert - cake and arrse again, wandering about shouting into a radio ("What if...are you there...what if I see someone - do I challenge them..or should I just open fire?") and sitting around a camp fire (...oops!). The only one of them who could keep up was, not surprisingly, one of the fatsters' wives, a little blonde who decided to skip the tour of Hebron after the promised flak jackets failed to arrive. I had the impression she hadn't been keen to go, but she was the only one who could move without tripping over rolls of flab, shoot straight, or show any common sense. It was a total shocker. God knows what the Israelis would say if a Palestinian business was to set up offering tours of the front line and lessons in how to prepare and don an explosive belt, but let that pass.

    The tour operator has a website:
  2. EFPP

    I missed it unfortunately. Is it gong to be repeated?
  3. I too missed it. If they were a lot of lardies, the selection criteria must be fairly low. The website states that they must pass a medical and be in good physical condition;. I presume that must have to be still breathing and have enough strength to open their wallet.

    A "slim jim" below. Sleep well America!

  4. I'm sorry to say I've no idea abt repeats of it. I wasn't aware of any selection criteria - funny how they were so keen to shoot uzis, peer through Israeli nvgs, blob around the battle course but weren't up for any fitness!
  5. I too watched this, and it was like a comedy spoof. A night in the desert, and participants are told they are to do a half hour guard each in case terrorists decide to set upon them. Er, no weapons, no military training and a night sight so they can watch the terrorists creep up !! I'm sure the organiser was half cut too. He took the civvies out on patrol on the streets of Hebron with no backup, no body armour and no real plan in case of trouble. 'Stick with me in case we come under attack'. What happens if he's dropped first ? They came upon an Israeli checkpoint, and even the squaddies manning it said the organiser was truly MAD !! There was no real daily routine. Shower of shiite. If civvies in the US decided to pay for this, they really are gullible and/or crazy.
  6. This is getting to.... err.... something, but I agree with GH, as a teenager I lived in Israel and it was a nation on the simmer then, some 20 years ago, after a recent visit I decided not to allow my kids to visit relations over the Christmas holiday period in Jerusalem. My 80 year old aunt argued they'd be fine she has a great bomb shelter-come-panic room and a list of guns that many small African nations could easily over throw a government with.... this from an ethics tutor!!!

    Madness is contagious! As proven by the mad mad American Counter-Terrorism Training nutters!

    PS Americans will part with money for just about anything, that could be a thread...London Bridge, the Queen Mary, ........ more?
  7. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Sounds like a winning money making scheme. Do you think ARRSE should run a British Army based equivalent?

    OpStella IS A HANDS-ON, FIVE DAY DRINKING COURSE developed in coordination with the Manager of The Scorpion, Catterick Garrison(MTSCG).

    OpStella is a program which has two main objectives:

    (1) we take you behind-the-scenes of the Britsh Army, the most experienced drinking, complaining, fighting and shagging force in the world. You will gain rare insight into how the British Army successfully combats anyone and anything in club, disco and bar;

    (2) we provide men and women with practical drinking and pulling empowerment training to maximize the chances of someone, no matter how ugly, becoming a victim of terror in your home.

    There is no other program like this - IN THE WORLD
  8. Throw in an assault course, and a ride in the RMP area car in Richmond on a Saturday night, and it's a winner :D
  9. would have been funny if they really did meet the Hamas face on , which will go first ? sh1tting their pants or losing their nerves ?

    bit mad to take them to Hebron ,

    i went to israel for a day trip from cyprus and even then i can feel the tension in the air in jerusalem and bethlehem , the israeli army was everywhere ! and the was before the current intafida flared up
  10. Oh dear you have to be an american to go.................

    maybe i'll go to Thailand again this year for a jungle trek instead.

    Seriously watching this reminded me that the Palestininans have got a legitimate gripe, what a bunch of uninfomred and arrogant arrseholes, are these really the best we can find to go to war with.................

  11. It just goes to show how detached from reality the Yanks really are. The average septic just does not have a clue. They have so much hot air blown up their ARRSE that they all think they are invincible. These lunatic survivalist guns nuts would probably sh*t their pants if they got involved in a real firefight.

    Bloody amatures.
  12. I saw it, and i really did piss my pants watching them doing the "Unarmed combat". The "Slim-jim" bloke though he was the dogs bollocks after that.

    Anti-terrorism....hahah, they'd get knackered just walking to the shops!
  13. Op Stella sounds like a good course, but I am afraid that The Scorpion at Catterick Garrison is no more it has been bulldozed to the ground. I am sure that Harrys would host it.
  14. Undertaker wrote:
    Trotsky wrote:
    I hate to disabuse you of your unsourced generalizations but not all Americans fall into your neat categories (above). Every American I’ve discussed this program with thinks the same as you do. The people on that program are brainless. Unfortunately, in a country as large as the US, you can always find some nit-wit willing to try almost anything. The percentages are for it.

    But it isn't everyone, or even "many". Hundreds of millions would never consider doing such a thing.

    The BBC would go out of business if it wasn’t for turds like this, wouldn’t they?

    Too bad they didn’t run into “real terrorists”. Nothing like to the crack of Kalashnikov bullets past your ears to drive home the fact that you are a big f*cking fool. Might have reduced future bookings too. These people, by luck only, survived the Darwin Award finals.

    BTW, I participated in something like OP Stella a number of years ago. The drinking was fine. Luckily, it was at the time when British pubs were all scrambling to acquire an on-tap, thin, watery lager beer. Many went for Tuborg, so as a Yank, I wasn’t stuck with g+t all the time. Good idea, probably get more takers than that Israeli tour.

    BBC1810 wrote:
    Perhaps you could explain why buying either of the above items was a bad thing, suitable for pointing fingers at Americans with?

    Or maybe you should start a thread about those who like to put out a lot of crap about subjects they don't know anything about...the military of any country; men; judgement; logic...more? Or has some awful septic damaged your fragile psyche so that you have to be nasty to them? Or is it just your nature?