BBC2, Ian Hislop, Stiff Upper Lip

First bit of telly I've watched for ages, by accident, too. Interesting subject, but rather too much of Hislop meandering through some park or other, or studying bits of the Arc de Triomphe to a voiceover while he puts on his 'critical' expression. Contrast between Nelson and Wellington well presented. The next programme promises to be better; Victorian ages.

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Brilliant. Should be shown at Sandhurst.

I may have to move the chap up a notch from 'not a bad egg' to 'a good sort'.

PS. I'd like it shown in Phase 2 training as well, but suspect I'd be pissing in the wind.

Seems to be channelling Theodore Zeldin. A lovely book (or two).


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It was good-oh but I was sorry that he missed the quote from a sailor's letter after Trafalgar: [the men on board HMS Royal Sovereign] 'Blast their Eyes and cry ever since [Nelson] was killed…Chaps that fought like the Devil, sit down and cry like a wench’.

He might have made something about Cromwell's Puritans crushing all the fun out of the country - before he came along we were known as 'The Dancing English'.


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Occasionally the Beeb comes along with a gem and shows what the Corporation used to do so well, and so often. In this programme they have come up with such a gem.

Hislop might come across as a smug git sometimes but he is an intelligent guy who does not mind calling a spade a spade and then standing up to what he said; unlike many others who claim their comments were 'taken out of context'.

Hislop ois one of the few people I would invite along to my "If you had a dinner party who would you invite...."


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Actually tea may have a lot to do with it once it became cheap enough for everybody and people were no longer half-plastered most of the time from water avoidance.
Thanks for the headsup - it sounds like good viewing.
His programe on bankers was illuminating and pulled few punches.

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