BBC1 The Betrayed Girls

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Goatman, Jul 3, 2017.

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  1. Where levels of domestic violence and abuse of children is the highest amongst OECD countries, unfortunately.
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  2. As highlighted in that excellent film Once Were Warriors:

    Once Were Warriors (film) - Wikipedia
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  3. This is a prime example of a rotten borough.You could say they were corrupt to the core. I think the Americans call it malfeascance, or something similar. There needs to be a purge of any of these officials involved, and prosecution considered for all, and the removal of pensions and other benefits of all involved in this affair.
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  4. If ever they restored the death penalty for treason, Lily Allen would be one of the first to be swinging from the gallows.
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  5. .....which is the aim of the communists to undermine a Western Christian society for their own ends. These teenage girls were deliberately betrayed by corrupt elected officials in the name of a hidden agenda.
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  6. Is that the same Denis McShane who was sent down for fiddling his expenses?.

    Denis MacShane jailed for MP expenses fraud - BBC News

    I rest my case, m'lud.
  7. According to the media, it is indeed the long-suffering British taxpayer who is paying for this piece of vermin to fight against removal of citizenship.

    Britain needs American style laws where the removal of citizenship and deportation is automatic for a range of crimes, even if that leaves the criminal stateless.
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  8. The process of removal of citizenship should be removed from the interfereance of the courts, and a condition of naturalisation should be that any criminal conviction can and will result in the revocation of British citizenship without the right of recourse to the courts.
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  9. Of course the fact the said Mrs Blair has allegedly made millions out of this legislation through the law firm Matrix Chambers has had no bearing on the introduction of the HRA into British law. Just saying, like.

    If ever there was a conflict of interest in public office, it was in this case.
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  10. It is the failure of those in public office in cases like this that can lead to a more extreme form of government being voted into office at a future juncture. It would take a lot for that to happen in Britain, but this case has to be seen as a stepping stone in that process.

    Should this happen, those ethnic minorities-and those on the left who protect them may then just face the night of the long knives, as happened in Germany in the 1930s.
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  11. A few recent rulings from the ECHR may just go to show this institution is not a poodle of the left.
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  12. Great soundtrack as well, but I found the film too depressing to watch more than once.
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