BBC1 The Betrayed Girls

I always get that film confused with The Warriors, which is very different.
"once were warriors" has a certain piquancy when you reach a certain age and realise that you are stuffed if he gets up.


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I downloaded this about a week ago, cant bring myself to watch it.
Please is the BBC ( note well) doing what it does BEST - and I wish to God would stick to.....

I have a horrible feeling that the Times journo wasn't the only one who did not want to go near this story with a sterile barge pole, prior to his Road to Damascus moment.

Where in hot holy hell were the local BBC team while this horrendous shit was going down?
Just out of interest, are any disciplinary actions or prosecutions being considered against members of Rotherham or Rochdale councils, or Yorkshire police, for their failure to protect these children, or indeed of willfully ignoring their plight?
The Untouchables. Covers up, mealy mouths and dragging heels. Years after this all came out and after hundreds of allegations - can't see any prosecutions so far. From the BBC in March this year: "Rachel Cerfontyne, deputy chair of the IPCC, said: "We've certainly found things that have gone wrong and we've certainly found significant failings but in terms of the individuals, whilst we've got concerns around some performance, we've not found any indication of misconduct." Rotherham abuse case: Misconduct inquiry centres on 30 officers - BBC News. The council officials and state guardians involved all seem to have got off scot free. Makes you wonder what they do class as misconduct.

Having read the reports, a lot of people in positions of trust covered all this up and hid evidence. No tangible sanctions worth mentioning. The National Crime Agency was supposed to be examining a number of potentially criminal matters identified in the Casey Report. However, an IPCC spokesperson said it had made "learning recommendations" to the police concerning the recording of information and the retention of archived materials." That will teach them. In my view after reading the report it all stinks big time. Possibly thousands of our kids have been raped, trafficked and violently abused - some in our daft society and authorities supported it all.

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