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Whilst 1,400 children in Rotherham were abused, the council consistently featured heavily in the TPA’s Town Hall Fat Catlists:

  • Chief Executive:£158,160
  • Strategic Director of Children and Young Peoples Services:£125,530
  • Strategic Director Development Services:£125,530
  • Strategic Director of Neighbourhoods and Adults Services:£125,530
  • Strategic Director of Resources:£132,954
Clearly some ‘matter’ more than others. Can anyone honestly say, this lot where earning their haul? Instead of trying to take kids off couples who they suspected of being Ukippers,

This is a prime example of a rotten borough.You could say they were corrupt to the core. I think the Americans call it malfeascance, or something similar. There needs to be a purge of any of these officials involved, and prosecution considered for all, and the removal of pensions and other benefits of all involved in this affair.
Equal and robust application of the law would have saved these girls, put an early brake on radicalisation, prevented election of NF councillors,and Tommy Robinson would still be running tanning shops.....cultural Marxism has poisoned the system from top to bottom.
.....which is the aim of the communists to undermine a Western Christian society for their own ends. These teenage girls were deliberately betrayed by corrupt elected officials in the name of a hidden agenda.
Footnote - Source

The ringleader of the Rochdale group of sickos has been appealing against the potential revoking of his British passport. He is, I believe, a dual national.

If he has his British passport removed,then he can be deported to Pakistan.
It is apparent that he feels he is the victim :

Shabir Ahmed, the leader of the Rochdale gang that groomed young girls for sex, has appealed against deportationReuters

Ahmed was involved in a crime ring through which they raped girls as young as 13 after drugging them and also groomed them for a life of prostitution. He was convicted in 2012 along with three other gang members.

In his appeal, the ring leader, who is currently serving a 22-year sentence, cited human rights laws. He told the court: "She (Theresa May) says all her trouble is coming from Muslims, yet she's the biggest trouble causer in the world."

Ahmed said he was convicted by "11 white jurors", adding: "It's become fashionable to blame everything on Muslims these days." Since 2000, an estimated 37 people have had their British citizenship revoked, mostly on the grounds of religious extremism and terrorism charges.

Question for m'learned fiend @legal_eagle?

Who is paying for his legal team,fighting his proposed extradition?

Is it, by any freakish chance,the British taxpayer?
According to the media, it is indeed the long-suffering British taxpayer who is paying for this piece of vermin to fight against removal of citizenship.

Britain needs American style laws where the removal of citizenship and deportation is automatic for a range of crimes, even if that leaves the criminal stateless.
Just 37 in 17 years? I would like to see this number massively increased.
The process of removal of citizenship should be removed from the interfereance of the courts, and a condition of naturalisation should be that any criminal conviction can and will result in the revocation of British citizenship without the right of recourse to the courts.
#70 stated it had " feck all to do with the EU." was brought in,at the behest of Mrs Blair,a human rights lawyer herself,to bring UK legislation into line with European Convention.

Therefore,quite a LOT to do with the European Union,actually.
Of course the fact the said Mrs Blair has allegedly made millions out of this legislation through the law firm Matrix Chambers has had no bearing on the introduction of the HRA into British law. Just saying, like.

If ever there was a conflict of interest in public office, it was in this case.
Watched this last night and the breathtaking indifference displayed by plod and the CPS deserves sanctions at the highest level.

Systemic failures by all involved, due to an unwillingness to grasp the nettle and perhaps be accused of racism. I salute the Sara Rowbothams and others in the police force, sorry, service, who did try their hardest to stop this evil abuse, even when it ultimately cost them their jobs.

It's something else when the BNP and EDL are the ones defending the rights of the abused.

Complete lack of intestinal fortitude by authorities who's responsibility is protecting the innocent.
It is the failure of those in public office in cases like this that can lead to a more extreme form of government being voted into office at a future juncture. It would take a lot for that to happen in Britain, but this case has to be seen as a stepping stone in that process.

Should this happen, those ethnic minorities-and those on the left who protect them may then just face the night of the long knives, as happened in Germany in the 1930s.
Sex pervert has been granted leave to appeal to the Court of appeal.

And yes legal aid is paying for all this.

If they boot it out (as they should) he will be free to apply to appeal the European Court, this will at the discretion of the UK courts who will weigh the chance of success. This appeal will be upon deportation.

Remains to be seen if they will hear it though.

European Court has already high ported him once when he claimed he 'was fitted up'.

United Kingdom: Court dismisses paedophile’s human rights complaint | HUMANERIGHTSEUROPE
A few recent rulings from the ECHR may just go to show this institution is not a poodle of the left.


Where levels of domestic violence and abuse of children is the highest amongst OECD countries, unfortunately.
I think you'll find that is almost exclusively amongst, how shall I put this, the original population of Aotearoa...
Just out of interest, are any disciplinary actions or prosecutions being considered against members of Rotherham or Rochdale councils, or Yorkshire police, for their failure to protect these children, or indeed of willfully ignoring their plight?
Maleficence in public office, over the last 30 years of so has been ignored, in this and many other areas of the machinery and offices of governance, as clearly the agenda of the positives of 'multiculturalism' must be seen to be advanced as they are more important, than the protection and maintenance of a cohesive society... No political party has clean hands here.

Be in no doubt that this is continuing.
What kind of community kicks off for arresting organised grooming gangs?
If they're on such a knife edge that this would turn to rioting then the community is as big a problem as the gangs themselves.
A community whose chances of social and moral development is zero due to a poisonous ideology which demands conformity, submission and frowns on thinking for yourself or differing opinions...a bit like Socialism really.

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