BBC1 Survivor?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by ugly, Nov 24, 2008.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Sunday evening, a few familiar faces and a few new ones, anyone see it.
    If that did happen I would like to think that I am prepared! :roll:
  2. I enjoyed it, not a bad program at all.

    Ugly I think of all the people on here, you would be one of the most prepared!
  3. Not once did I see someone in that programme say 'here, brufen and tubigrip. Man up.' What the hell happened to the British stiff upper lip, eh?

    I'd like to think if that happened someone down here would have the commonsense to stop air and sea movements... but commonsense and our gubmint don't go together.

    In fact, Ugly - knowing you have a rather extensive collection of bundooks, perhaps it's a good idea if i bought you a pint or two, in exchange for a cannon when Armageddon appears....!

    On a serious note, I thought it was a good bit of telly. Well acted, well shot, and a good product placement for Solihull.. IE the only survivor with a clue drives a 2007 double-cab Defender!
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    That doctor bint missed a trick or two when she left the hospital, she could have been set for life!
  5. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I remember an earlier series with the same name.

    This seems as if it may be better. But a few tricks missed. My choices would include a couple of good off-road m/bikes and a raid on whatever is nearest gunshop. Plus equipping a BFO off roader with a lifetimes stash of porn.
  6. Soddin programme. This morning is one the open flu immunisation days we run here. Everyone has seen the programme !!! Done 123 inj since 0900. Thanks BBC.

    As for the rpogramme, I love the idea that the military will be called out as if they are immune to everything. hahahahahah
  7. I liked it - gets all my conspiracy theory hackles arising! And the 110 of course...
  8. Do you have a link? No idea what programme you mean but I doubt it is this

    yet that is what GOOGLE gave me.
  9. I actually enjoyed it, though I did find it odd that the girl from Doctor Who who had her face blazoned on the front of the television guide died at the beginning.

    I remember (though not from the time) the original Survivors from the 70's. It went on for longer and later series focused more on the hapless remnant's of humanities efforts for survival rather than individuals sap stories (one is evil and had lots of money, for novelty value!) The re-introduction of law and order (to a degree), bartering, attempts at hydroelectricity and railway systems and some chaps coming on over from Norway.
  10. What would be your order of looting?

    1. Nearest Landy dealer for a 110
    2. B&Q for tools and Jerry Cans
    3. Petrol Station for fuel
    4. Gun shop
    5. Food & single malt
    6. Search for a stunning bird to reproduce with
    7. Find a nice big mansion/castle to rule my new kingdom

    Any additions...
  11. Unpopular as this might be as an opinion, I thought that the young Muslim kid was good.
  12. I already got all that gear in the back of my FIAT Ducato CI 565 Camper, fully tanked and ready in my drive, Except the bird,
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I think I'd be able to get by at home barring a few forays for fuel, genny etc. I have enough ammo to sort out any security issues and 2 x 4 wds helps.
    I think I may be accelerating the plan to install a rayburn though!
    that said I know plenty of farms where I will be able to move in subject to current occupants being dead and therefore be very happy!

  14. I would do all of the above, then break in to the nearest military establishment and stock up with kit, weapons,ammo, compo,genny etc. Then load up a 4 tonner and head off to a farm in the country and make my base there. Plus the most important thing, a water purifying kit.
  15. Edit because i didn't rtfq.