BBC1 Play for Today from the 70s

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Exploding_Blancmange, Nov 10, 2005.

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  1. Showing my age here......

    Does anyone remember a Play for Today in the 70's. Story was about an out of work Para who decides to become a mercenary in Africa, and is subsequently killed when all goes pear-shaped. Last words to his son before he left was to always clean under his foreskin when taking a bath.

    At the time would have been around 7 or 8 when I watched this, so memory is fairly hazy, just remembered about it last night.
    Just want to know if anyone else remembers this play, and I'm not just hallucinating.
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Lots of plays for today, a great way for the unknown to get published so to speak, I do remember them but not this in particular, try play for today on Google. I used to be surprised at all the anals that list everything on the net!
  3. Thanks for the tip Ugly.

    My only question is this? Is this what Para's normally tell their children before deployment, or was this a flight of fancy on the part of the Playwright.
  4. I actually remeber this one ( though not it's title). It was not in the Play for Today series as it was an ITV drama shown on a friday evening at 9pm and was about a mixed bag of ex mil plus various numpties and walts signing on as merc's in Angola, though fictional it was representitive of a real situation that had occurred in Angola in the late 70's were a number of UK nationals had been killed by rebel forces and their own commanders. The play ended with the wives of the main characters hearing about a massacre on the radio and cut to bodies lying on a dusty road. That is if this is the play you were thinking of try a searching using Angola and mercenaries.
  5. Well - you remembered the advice (I Hope!) so it's proven that it works. I cannot imagine how one would get a kid to remember something like duty, Queen, country, mum and apple pie.
  6. I remember seeing that - loosely based on Captain Callan's antics in Angola IIRC. Callan being the adopted name of mentally disfunctional former 1 Para Tom who, having been SNLR'd or trying to rob a bank in NI, went on to seize control of a late 70's mercenary operation and proceeded to murder half the men under his command. The best account is in McAlees's 'No Mean Soldier', McAleese (ex 22) continued the job when all the walts and psychos had effed off home or been captured by UNITA.

    Wonder if you can still get it on vid?