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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Stunts, Nov 12, 2010.

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  1. A brand new, action-packed show for BBC1 is looking for teams of friends and family to take part in the series pilot.

    Would you like to create, and even star in, your own stunt-filled movie sequence? You could be bringing your ideas to life with the help of a Hollywood stunt co-ordinator at a world famous film studio.

    From storyboarding to editing, we’ll provide the experts… you provide the talent. Then show off your masterpiece in a red-carpet premiere for your guests.

    To find out more please contact ASAP with your name and best contact number.
  2. Another triumph for BBC One. I'd like to re-enact Schindler's List, please, complete with a stunt-filled movie sequence. The stunt would involve the entire BBC and September films management. It would be "action packed" as well.
  3. My favorite film is 'pretty shitty gangbang' will they let me restage it?
  4. I loved the film 'Threads'. Can we re-create the bit in the film where Sheffield gets nuked?

    Don't worry too much about CGI, that's rather expensive to do right. Let's just buy one of those old Trident missiles. Seeng as they are approaching their use-by date they should be cheaper than a powerful computer and a bunch of technical whizz-kids.
  5. Fair point. It does seem wasteful to get new ones when we have some lying around we haven't used.
  6. I want to make a film of me going on a crazed psychotic rampage with a GPMG in the houses of parliament then when i've killed them I want to finish the film by raping and killing Margaret Thatcher. I think i'd like to crucify her upside down after filling her colon with my manly juices and stabbing her in the clitoris with a kitchen knife.
  7. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Isn't storyboarding illegal?
    I'm sure I saw someone on question time bleating on about it last night

    I would like to film the Towering Inferno
    We film it at Tory HQ Millbank
    The police allow as many students who want to occupy the building
    Then after the've used all teh fire extinguishers we torch the place
    We get rid of the rioters,Tory HQ and create much needed university places

    Then again I could fim a piece about a soldier
    He comes back of tour and gets on with life
    He dosen't have flashbacks to kicking **** out of civvies in Iraq
    He dosen't spend all day pissed and belting the wife and kids
    He's not a maniac
    He dosen't rob the local bank or take on the local gangster
    He most certanly dosen't get a new perspective on life and ry and turn himslelf around by having his life saved by a random Muslim

    Bit boring really
  8. What about - "Limp cock, sticky belly"? Not really much story line in it, but if get to go and fcuk tight little Thai hookers, then I'll do all my own stunts.
  9. Do I get to make this ******* film or not?
  10. Think if you had chosen someone else rather than the Iron Lady then peraps
  11. Don't you see it'd make her a sort or martyr and much better than dying from slow creeping brain death. The critics would love it darling.
  12. Perhaps if you spice it up a bit & add a bit more glory to it?
  13. Thatchers last words while nailed upside down on that cross 'the lady's not for turning'. Thats class.
  14. But have you not thought of a more "modern day" approach?
    What about including Tony or even Gordon in you final scene?
    Or is it more of a snuff movie ending your after
  15. They can be in the second film. I'm new to this so I'm open to constructive criticism. Prescott needs to be in part two and Mandy. The population will get spurred on and take to the streets killing traffic wardens and firemen. The tube drivers will be hung.