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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by johno2499, Jun 5, 2013.

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  1. Having been on holiday in Turkey for two weeks until yesterday, I relied on BBC World in my hotel room for news, including the atrocity at Woolwich. In my humble opinion, the BBC coverage was a disgrace. The editorial policy seemed to be to slant reporting and studio interviews in order to show innocent British Muslims as the victims of intolerance by the EDL whilst glossing over the disgraceful attack itself. I never want to see the BBC producing 'Voice of America' style propaganda but I would like to see some balance and even-handedness.
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  2. In fairness, it is broadly true that innocent British Moslems were the victims of intolerance on the part of the EDL.
  3. Did you catch the interview where they wheeled out some tubby ex squaddie who was utterly mince against a board of Muslim layers, reporters and other edumacted types? Was pretty embarrassing the way the ex squaddie was going on. Worse than some of these EDL clips you see on youtube.
  4. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    So Turkey descending into kit-form didn't bother you too much then?
  5. How do you work that one out?
  6. Maybes he was happy staying by the pool and the free bar and some Russian ex-prostitutes?
  7. I can never understand who BBC World see as their viewers. They seem to deliberately steer away from attracting the ex-pat or traveling UK public. I know they are at least partly self-funding but I do not think it should be so relentlessly un-patriotic (and dull).
  8. Some small wish. I would LOVE to hear the BBC reporting some news and not repeating it for 24 hours... really bad and the endless jingles. What the hell are British taxpayers paying for? Terrible. Hard Talk does update with new interviews but the rest is just endless repeats.... with jingles...
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  9. in fairness, I understand that they did not have to tolerate the intolerance felt by a serving member of HM.s forces... Allah forbid...
  10. In fairness other international broadcasters are pumping out goo for the eyes as well. Trust your judgement and filter the stuff yourself from the net.
  11. They have zero interest in the expat/travelling UK public. They are funded by subscription and advertising. Their UK staff are almost without exception drawn from the ranks of the committed left wing media types, their non UK staff are carefully selected to reflect the channels political slant. It doesn't do patriotism, unless it is of the Palestinian or North Korean type. Let us not go near their visceral hatred of Israel!

    They nearly had a nervous breakdown over Libya - Gaddaffi had always been a noble independent (if slightly eccentric ) champion of so many causes which they espoused, so how to present his overthrow? Nearly wiped the smug look off John Simpsons face that did!
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  12. BBC World is gash. CNN when abroad. The BBC is the Lord Haw Haw of the media. It appears to follow some misguided philosophy of appeasing the crocodile in the hope it does not get eaten. As a corporation producing news - it just does not provide balance and in the rare event it does it's just lip-service.
  13. I very much doubt that you could substantiate that claim. In fact, I would go so far as to say it is absolute bollocks.
  14. I think you will find it hard to substantiate your claim! Notwithstanding the fact the BBC has already publicly admitted to bias towards the left.
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  15. As an opinion, it is conceivably valid, assuming the person holding that opinion is a rabid right-winger who makes Nick Griffin seem a little wishy-washy. As what purports to be a statement of fact, it is just bollocks.