BBC World Service hacked?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pp0470, Aug 9, 2011.

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  1. FM broadcast was been 'overlaid' by what sounded like arabic language transmission - started about 0128hrs - FM has now (0138hrs) gone over to pre-recorded programme (I think)

    Internet transmission is still having an 'overlaid' output.

    BBC iPlayer - Listen live - BBC World Service

    Can anyone confirm / explain?
  2. Appears to be fixed, but was 10mins of Arabic overlaid on English language transmission.

    May have been a BBC editting fault - most likely infact.

    Stand down.
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  3. i can sleep easy now.
  4. Who would want to interfere with Socialist News Londistan ?

  5. I stopped listening to the World Service when they dropped "Imperial Echoes" and "Lillibullero"....
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  6. Lillibullero! I knew something wasn't quite right - Stand To!!

    I go back to my original assertion that the WS has been hacked - Lillibullero IS the WS!

    I have very fond memories of holding a small SW radio in the air, in a bamboo hut with the South China Sea lapping below me, whilst laid out with the shits.

    After a rendition of lillibullero (conducted by myself) they went to live footy match reports (it was a Saturday) and the presenter said 'And now to Moss Lane and Altrincham F.C.,.... '

    I nearly wept.

    Still listen, primarily for FOOCorrespondant and such.
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