BBC World, Jeremy clarkson talks about 'the gun'

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Mr Happy, Jul 30, 2004.

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  1. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Inventions that changed the world
    Episode 2: The Gun
    Shown on 7th & 8th August
    The gun has generally had a negative press. The need for a more accurate cannon led James Wilkinson, in 1774, to invent a tube boring machine. This was then used by James Watt to make more efficient steam engines, which in turn powered the industrial revolution.

    Gun maker Sam Colt was not only the inventor of the first reliable revolver, which helped early settlers to defeat the Indians and led to the myth of the cowboy, but also invented a new method of manufacturing guns – the production line.

    Henry Ford made his Model T car affordable by copying 'the Colt method'. Even the car exhaust pipe was a spin-off of the gun silencer.

    Street lighting was introduced to deter armed highway robbers whilst trauma medicine and the control of infections were initially developed to deal with gun injuries.

    In the course of showing how the gun developed from a simple tube to a device capable of firing a million rounds a minute, Jeremy builds his own gun, goes FISHing (Fighting In Someone else's House) with British soldiers, and tests the limits of the bullet proof vest.
  2. So, the gun has actually made the World A Better Place. Makes sense. Certainly, it seems to explain why the US is so technologically advanced.

    If only we could own guns in the UK..... the NHS would be sorted, cos if the treatment is shite you could shoot the doctor........ the trains would run on time, cos if your late you could shoot the driver/ signal man/ repair gang/ director of the Rail Company...........

    Shooting people = better services.
  3. Great point, well presented. - pass your ideas on to someone who needs them more than you!
  4. I know what you mean OC, but its a bit radical, even for me!
  5. Now there is an idea with wings.

    Click click. now about this faulty toaster...

  6. Clarkeson does occasionally talk out of his arse. AFAIK he claimed our boys would have done better at Rourkes Drift if they'd had the marvellous Whitworth percussion muzzle loader :rolleyes: The demo where he missed a parked van firing an AK on full auto (with blanks!) was also highly misleading.
  7. Yeah, Clarkson does spout some shite at times. Unlike your man from 'The Sun', Richard Littlejohn.

    However, it is well documented that War does tend to accelerate innovation. The French Revolutionary Wars - margarine (a critical invention, followed later by the invention of the Jacobs Cream Cracker) and WWII - Radar, jet engines to name but two.I'm just wondering what innovation we will see as a reult of the current shambles in Iraq?
  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Perhaps reinventing 'Lying' and giving it a new title, such as 'Spin' ?
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  9. Your too cynical, Cutaway!!! Pour quoi?? :D
  10. The demo where he missed a parked van firing an AK on full auto.
  11. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Call me old fashioned but it's only 01 August. Have I missed it or is it yet to be shown? :?
  12. Frank Whittle patented the turbojet in the early 30's.
  13. Yeah, noted (and we sold the rights to the Yanks) but the Jerries flew them in action before we did (I may be wrong here) The Jerries also perfected the gyroscope.

    Amyway, slighly off the subject. I knew a bloke who worked for QinetiQ at Farnborough. The ammount of stuff we, the UK, have invented and decided it had no commercial value is staggering.

    For example, I was told that DERA (who became QinetiQ) invented the LED. Some tit in Whitehall decided that it was of no commercial value and the rights were flogged to the Japs......... now everything (whether it needs it or not) has an LED on it. What the fcuk!
  14. BK- I think you'll find that was the LCD. Invented and patented by RRE Malvern. They did make a few quid on it. . The LED was invented by a Merkin and ironically he didn't make a great deal but I suspect his company did..

  15. Off topic BUT soldiery. Anyone else got a LED torch? Good kit, battery lasts for ages and can have red led. (WTF decided to put RED lines on maps?)
    Pricey and I haven't seen one painted DPM (LOL) but worth the investment. imho.