BBC web-site for the run-up to Eurovision Song Contest

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by RCT(V), May 20, 2008.

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  1. Domovoy, I’ve come to a decision. I really would like to spend a lot of time in Ukraine! Are there many more like the GORGEOUS Ukrainian Miss “Ani Lorak” over there ?

    “The performer: Ani Lorak is one of Ukraine's best-known singing stars, who settled on her stage name in 1995, which is her real name - Karolina - backwards“.

    The BBC seems to have spent a lot of time and effort on this site, during the run-up to Eurovision Song Contest:

    Well worth a visit - for all kinds of reasons !!
  2. Who moved this thread to “Films Music and All things Artsy” ?!

    The Eurovision Song Contest is about as appropriate for such a thread as is my bath-plug!

    Can it please be put back to where it belongs “Current Affairs News and Analysis”, where it will be seen by a much wider audience, whom I am sure will appreciate the intention with which it was posted.
  3. Because it's the Eurovision Song Contest?

    It's music, TV and arts as opposed to Current Affairs and Analysis.

    The BBC have it in their 'entertainment' section , argueable as that is.

    So it was moved to this part of Arrse, ie. the forum that this sort of topic is appropriate to.
  4. Yeah - straight to the arrsehole.
  5. PTP - I think the point is, that the Eurovision Song Contest is neither film, music nor art...

    It is a total piss take, and so should be in the NAAFI Bar!
  6. Similar to the confusion which arises over your gender.
  7. Check out the Irish entry. This originally started as a piss take but now they thing it might win. (Father Ted wasn't available).

    Euro Turkey
  8. The ONLY comendable part of the whole of that, is (within the first line) the "outing" and mention of "Terry Wogan's WIG".
  9. For those too lazy to follow the BBC link in the original post (although that will show you the all singing, all dancing video); and to confirm my claim to all rights and privileges ‘cos I found her first:

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  10. Yep! In abundance :p :

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  11. and this

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  12. and...

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  13. Domovoy, I was hoping for something a little more encouraging and uplifting than pictures from your family album !!