BBC wanted to do an Alien H&S Risk Assessment.....

BBC 'feared breach by alien signal' - UK News - MSN News UK

The presenter (Professor Brian Cox) recounted another encounter while making Stargazing Live, which is co-hosted by comedian Dara O Briain.

He said: "This year we were thinking of doing something about Mars. There are lots of maps of Mars and lots of things that people can do looking at them that computers can't. We were thinking of... looking for signs of geological activity which might point to life on Mars.

"Someone from the BBC said to me, 'Would there have to be a prize if someone discovered it?'. (I said), 'What do you mean? You're going to say to someone, you discovered the first evidence for alien life beyond Earth - and here's a book voucher as well?'. You think that's going to make it better? You're going to go down in history with a Nobel prize - book tokens or Nectar points?'."

Excellent sarcasm. Brilliant. Well done Prof Cox

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