BBC Wales, Welsh Cavalry Documentary.


Looks good to me, looks very good. I don't serve though, and the denizens of arrse are known for giving reports from the sandy places a pretty reliable savaging or praising for their accuracy, honesty and level of bias.

Like anyone who wants to be an everyone who wants to serve, I want to get a clear insight into the practical side of service and a good feel for the culture. I'm not from a service family (about as far from it as you could get) but love the idea of service in Formation Reconnaissance and feel strongly drawn to service life, so this documentary is personally as well as generally relevant.

So accepting that I know the square root of bugger-all and should keep my neck in and listen hard, is this doc' worth taking as an insight? What're your ideas?

I suppose I ought to expand on that. In my position of knowing very little about the actuality of going to war but a fair amount of theory, it was very interesting.

A worrying amount of Jackals and Land Rover WMIKs trucking along the same roads as Mastiff, but that may not mean much, not knowing the tactical situation. Good point about not having the resource to properly secure areas patrolled, but didn't say why they were patrolling (although it is reasonably clear why) Fairly negative views from the Troop Sergeant.

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