BBC unfair to EDL leader?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by headgear, Jun 16, 2013.

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  1. Just watched Andrew Neil on the Sunday politics as he interviewed the EDL leader and afterwards one of the Muslim community leaders. It struck me that mr Neil allowed his personal views to mar the interview by haranguing the EDL guy constantly without making any attempt to find out what the EDL stands for or what they are trying to achieve - I hasten to add that I am looking upon this as a total neutral party!

    Mr Neil's interview of the Muslim rep was much less aggressive although i do admit he asked him a couple of moderately difficult questions however it was quite clear that mr Neil seemed to be too scared to be as aggressive as he was with the EDL leader

    As someone who likes to listen to all of the relevant data and then decide my own views I was pretty shocked at mr Neil's clearly biased attitude and believe that it is not the BBC s role to try to shape the populations opinions but rather to report the truth unbiasedly- I do not and will never support the EDL because i think they re loons racists and thugs but I deplore the fact that I m not allowed to hear their leader make his pitch - as much as I deplore the fact that I am not allowed a Muslim leader to be interviewed with the same aggression!

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  2. NHI
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  3. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    When he does make his pitch, he comes across well. His problem isn't his ideals and he's campaigning for something that's pretty reasonable if you ask me. He just doesn't want to see the law softened so that a bunch of muslims can cut about living like they are something out of the Old Testament.

    His problem is that his following look and sometimes act like football hooligans. He's also dealing with such an inflammatory subject that he IS going to ruffle feathers, which is kind of his point.
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  4. The only real question he got a chance to comment properly on was when mr Neil pointed out drummer lee Rigby s parents asked for peace and for no one to cause trouble as a result of his death - EDL leader stated that they had 50 peaceful marches county wide to lay flowers etc but at 3 of them Muslims and anti fascists ripped up the flowers causing a riot to kick off at those 3 events - I don't know the truth of the matter but it was clear that mr Neil realised he d fucked up by allowing the EDL guy to get an answer in! Strangely enough the Muslim leader wasn't asked if it was true or not

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  5. Wouldn't expect nothing less from the BBC to be honest.
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  6. He's just trying to repeat the Alex Jones thing. Invite some rightwing nutter on and have at them. Oh and add someone with opposing views for balance. Pretty lazy journalism if it even deserves that label.
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  7. EDL scumbag shouldn't be allowed any airtime at all. Hate the way he goes on about our boys in the forces.
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  8. So playing 'Devils Advocate' what are your views on air time given to Islamic organisation's to express their views? Choudry, springs to mind, how about the MCB they are not USUALLY critical of their brothers are they? I would be happy to have that sort of support rather than worry about the stab in the back option you appear to prefer. I too however hate being referred to as 'our boy's' but given that we are possibly one of the last bastions of National pride it is to be expected.
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  9. The same, choudry shouldn't be allowed any media coverage either.
  10. So, what about one of the founding principles (which many on here profess to uphold) of our State, that of free speech?

    Because you don't like his views, or those of Choudray, they should be silenced?

    What next, should we silence you because some here would rather not read what your views are?
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  11. They put a D-Notice on that.
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  12. Choudary is a hypocrite! That is why we shouldn't hear him. Let us not forget his boozy student days. ImageUploadedByARRSE1371384872.300027.jpg

    As for the EDL if they weren't such a bunch of knuckle dragging sock-puppets and actually articulated themselves coherently, then they might get listened to in a sensible manner.

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  13. The media have to give extremist loons on both sides of the fence their say. This achieves two things .. a chance for the public to see them show themselves up for what they are & to give everyone their 5 mins on a soapbox to encourage a fair & balanced debate. The freedom of speech is very important to a democracy & something that should be upheld. However wrong the veiws expressed are.. these idiots have every right to say them.
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  14. The edl confused Brighton pavillion with a mosque so not exactly a vast amount of brain power.
    Much like choudary and his ilk who fail to explain how every single islamic state is a tyranical shithole where to be gay female foreign or non muslim means your chance of a fair trial, a quiet life or any sort oflife.
    If muslims were treated by the uk how non muslims are treatedin muslim majority countries.
    Mosques would be burning with worshippers inside.
    Muslims would be regularly killed by mobs
    Goverment would call for muslims to be arrested and prosecuted for being muslamic.
    But that doesnt happen because we are not medieval savages and niether are the majority of uk muslims who may visit pakistan but are not stupid enough to go live in that cesspit.
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  15. so did you think the media ban on gerry adams for all them years was unfair?