BBC Two 'Battle for Helmand'

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Michael Price, Jan 19, 2011.

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  1. We're making a documentary for BBC Two to go out this summer entitled 'Battle for Helmand'. It's a look at the campaign from 2006 to be told mostly through the eyes of soldiers who were there. Mark Urban is the presenter.

    The MoD have given the project the green light, and ARRSE's forum adminstrator is fine with this post.

    If you've got a story to tell, drop me a line:

    All off-the-record, and by getting in touch you're not signing up for a formal interview.

    It's an important film. Tell us what you saw.
  2. you looking for anything in particular
  3. Herrick IV, and VII (the re-taking of Musa Qala), VIII and turbine op; anyone in Lash when it was attacked in October 2008; Ops Sond Chara and Moshtarak.

    Any IED incidents as well.
  4. look forward to watching it,I have read about it but little to be seen on actual events would be great to see will it be in documentary format.
  5. try contacting the producers of bbc3s girls on the front line (makes me cringe thinking about it!) they recorded stacks of footage of fighting around FOB inkerman on Herrick 10
  6. Deja vu?

    Haven't you already asked this? As I recall, you were shot down in flames.
  7. I think you'll find it turned into one of those utterly utterly boring, "The BBC should be destroyed because is doesn't agree with my political viewpoint", threads

    Lets see how long this thread lasts before the uninformed start crayoning about something that nobody is forcing them to watch or pay for.