BBC Two 'Battle for Helmand'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Michael Price, Jan 19, 2011.

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  1. We're making a documentary for BBC Two to go out this summer entitled 'Battle for Helmand'. It's a look at the campaign from 2006 to be told mostly through the eyes of soldiers who were there. Mark Urban is the presenter.

    The MoD have given the project the green light, and ARRSE's forum adminstrator is fine with this post.

    If you've got a story to tell, drop me a line:

    All off-the-record, and by getting in touch you're not signing up for a formal interview.

    It's an important film. Tell us what you saw.
  2. Liar

  3. I've said before and I'll say it again - the BBC is NO friend of the armed forces.
  4. What will it be. The brave heroic peace loving Afghan forces being assaulted and murdered by brutalised squaddies who have all been bullied by Mackenzie Crook?

    You do realise Mark Urban actually served in the armed forces? Sure you don't want Ken Loach? He'd be much more up your street politically.
  5. Is Phil Shiner in your office with his notebook at the ready?
  6. Mr Price .. You have more neck that an oversized giraffe. The BBC continually twist the actions of the british forces in all theatres to show them in the worst possible light You then come in here, a military forum and expect the recipients of the BBC bile to assist you in making a programme that will no doubt be spun to show how the poor downtrodden Taliban masses are misundertsood.

    You coud'nt make it up... may I suggest that members tell him to Bog-off at the high port.
  7. 'Mark Urban actually served in the armed forces' - I would hardly call 9 months limited service commission in the RTR after university as long enough to commentate authoritively on forces matters. It gives the impression that he was sponsored through University by the Army and was merely fulfilling an obligation. It is akin to claiming that Billy Bragg had a long and successful career in the cavalry before taking up music.
  8. Would participation not present an opportunity to attempt to get your grievences and points of view across, rather than venting them on the forum? Just a thought...
  9. The BBC was the same in NI back in the day - no support for the troops fighting the IRA, but tons of air time for the likes of Adams et al (even if they had to do a voice over as they weren't allowed to use their real voices).

    The BBC has a left wing bias that despises the military, despite the programming on and around Rememberance Day.

  10. :)

    Made me smile!

  11. I lost a glove on Herrick 9 any chance of this doc concentrating on finding if any bugger found it? It was desert colour left hand last seen in a compound in Garmsir.
  12. Viceroy.

    The problems with the BBC is that you would put across your point of view, and if it did not fit with their preconcieved ideas, then it would be "spun" until right became left..twas always so
  13. Must be a difficult time for the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation at the moment as their enlightened doctrine states all soldiers are bastards. But the damned Joe public arn't thinking what their told to!
    Because of this the armed forces are well thought of and that is just wrong the BBC knows best and the public should never forget that or else!
  14. Guys, has it ever crossed your mind that if all the collective ARRSE Herrick vets and Sangin loiterers ignore this project then it'll fall to the RLC Chef or AGC claim-killer to fill in the BBC about all the gory details of the FOB's (through a one week jolly to break up the boredom from Kandahar's Pizza Hut)

    Ignore and mock as you wish, but please don't come bleating in one thread after another when the doc turns out to be a mish-mash of bitter army-hating ex-squaddie wasters telling bullshit tales of daring-do (as most mil type Docs end up being full of) or poor in detail because of the lack of credible research material through no fault of the BBC.

    If you were there, get involved and tell your story and you might never know, some of the truth that you tell might even make it onto the box. :nod:
  15. I know what you mean, you never have a say in the final cut and comments might be taken out of context to put a 'spin on things'. There are however people that have delivered a fair assessment IMHO after being embedded with both US and UK forces, Ben Andersen comes to mind. No doubt the BBC has a left bias, the flip side of that coin is that I am happy the BBC is not a government propaganda tool (as state owned television in so many other developed countries are). Further it is not for no reason the BBC World Service has the reputation it does. Living abroad I am proud of the fact that the BBC is not shy to step on the toes of government, MPs, the opposition, the judiciary and everyone else they feel needs to be criticised. My point was that unless you engage them, you will never influence what you perceive to be (perhaps correctly so) the bias of the BBC against the armed forces. So which is the lesser of the evils? I was asked to take part in a similar sort of thing a while back. I balanced my desire to 'put the record straight' with the exposure and potential consequences that come with being on national prime time TV and concluded that I personally had very little to gain from said exposure. I declined and hence I completely understand your reluctance. However, had I been 10 or 15 years younger without all the baggage I have nowadays, I would have done it in a heartbeat (I think)...