BBC TV Priorities!

The BBC TV News has a unusual perspective of what's important this morning; never mind the NHS, Euro crisis, Riots in Greece, UK tax changes to cost families £4K, no - their 7.00am headlines were 2 footballers refuse to shake hands, the freezing homeless and preparing for the BAFTAS tonight! And we pay for this!
Or do we? the average fine is £153 quid risk it and watch al jazeera instead.


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And don't forget the death of Whitney Houston for fucks sake. Bet she wasn't on anyone's celeb death list.

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My God, if they dropped the bit on bums and added a darkie scare story it could be the Daily Mail. Surely the BBC is meant to be like the Guardian but for the better sort of person. I demand the return of a lifetime of (unpaid) license fees and David Dimbeley's head on a platter.

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