BBC - TV licence offences account for one in ten UK court cases

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FORMER_FYRDMAN, Aug 21, 2013.

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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    It looks like our state broadcaster might be coming under a bit of pressure. Hard to see how the licence will survive if the Beeb can't drag people through the courts.

    TV licence offences account for one in ten UK court cases - Telegraph

    It probably won't help either that Match of the Day frontman and all round crisp champion Gary Lineker is struggling on his £2 million wage.

    Gary Lineker complains about salary - Telegraph

    It's also a bit embarrassing that working at the BBC is apparently akin to a starring role in Lord of the Flies:

    BBC ‘faces 140 bullying claims’ - Telegraph

  2. The media arm of the Fabian society has well exceeded it's shelf life and needs a proper shoeing.
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  3. I dont pay a TV license but do watch the BBC, I am struggling to think of the last decent series from the Beeb I got excited about, they have no sport, the news coverage is dire, comedy seems to have flown out of the window and they are deep in the shite due to scandels, waste and general fuckupmanship.

    They have over extended themselves, pissed away money on things like Lonely Planet and the move to Salford I will not morn their passing.
  4. ".....the gender imbalance was because women are more likely to be at home when the inspectors call"

    And less likely to tell the Capita numpties to do one.
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  5. They seem already to have relocated from Salford to Edinburgh... Radio 4, anyway. Every shagging programme from panel games to current affairs to the arts seems to have transported itself to Edinburgh during the festival.

    It's the same every August now and is an illustration of the level of originality and creativity to be found in the BBC.
  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I ended up in court last December for no TV licence,not thru any fault of my own tho,it was caused by the Ulster Bank meltdown between June & September last year & because of it,a couple direct debits to them weren't paid,other companies who's payments (like O2) were late were understanding & waived any fees & stuff,but not the BBC.
    I think I was behind by £32 ish when their debt collector called,who I wasn't able to pay as the bank was still screwed up.
    I was fined a total of £141,which was the balance of the licence,£38 'court costs' to the BBC & a small fine.On going to the court to make my payment,I was told that the judges had been advised to go lenient on those affected by the banks meltdown,but apparently were told 'after the fact' by the BBC.
    I was also able to claim back the £141 from the Ulster bank & they threw in a extra £50 as a 'good will' gesture.
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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Though their championing of the poor and underprivileged seems to stop short of the licence fee. I like the idea of the BBC as a global news service but it is in grave need of pruning, it needs to broaden the spectrum of views it represents and it desperately needs to abandon its social engineering agenda - unlimited immigration is not a good thing, particularly if it involves a significant element of semi-educated fanatics who loathe most of what the UK stands for, and most women's sport is cr@p.
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  8. Don't forget the plethora of crap radio channels it is paying for.
  9. If the Beeb wants a quick win in taking a convincing step towards restoring credibility then for me just bin Eastenders. That would suggest to me they were serious, though still with a long way to go.
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  10. Christ, the BBC Outrage Bus must surely be due a service.
  11. It might happen sooner than you think. In the battle between quality and ratings, ratings will always be the victor. Eastenders' ratings have nosedived recently causing the executive producer, Lorraine Newman, to 'quit' her job but, as is normal practice at the BBC, she has been moved sideways to another lucrative job as an executive producer in Drama Production.

    So, for those the slightest bit interested, you can expect some outrageous and incredible story lines as the beeb try desperately to claw back ratings. If this doesn't work, then it will go the same way as Eldorado etc.
  12. Not that I watch much tele, but Enders died with Dirty Den.
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  13. Is Ena Sharples still in it?
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  14. Think that's the other one, for Northern Monkeys.
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  15. Rearrange these letters into a well known saying.....HWA!

    Too easy.
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