BBC took terrorist trainers paintballing

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Dec 5, 2007.

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  2. Perhaps the Beeb should have allowed these people to use live ammo? This whole thing,if true,is typical of the Beeb.They will never learn.
  3. I'm utterly outraged, did they not do a H&S Risk Assessment? Someone could have lost an eye.
  4. So how does Jihad paintballing work then. I suppose you strap a load of paintballs to your waist, run up to the enemy flag, shout "Allah is great" and pull the pin. The last one still standing loses.
  5. what kind of trainers do terrorists wear? I bet theyd wear retro high tops.
  6. WTF?!?!

    Mohammed Hamid: 'Hi, remember me? you paid me £300 to appear in your programme. I was the guy who told you I would use that public money to pay off my fine for a public order offence. Well, just thought you'd like to know I'm associated with those terrorist chappies'

    Nasreen Suleaman:' Er....well don't worry. I could pass on this information to the Police, after all, it might help them peice together whats been going on, and maybe save lives. But that would hurt my job prospects ( you know, unintentionally facilitating terrorists training together, inadvertantly funding some of their legal costs etc, doesn't look so good ) so I will just think of myself and keep quite. Well done BBC for serving the British people...
  7. The BBC has been stuffed with leftie traitors for years.

    It helps them with promotion.
  8. 'Nuke', of course.
  9. For fecks sake - it's like a Carry On film without the humour 8O
  10. Jihadidas :D
  11. Nothing dont surprise me anymore ,They make us pay for t.v. licences so that they can give the people who disrespect this country a good time .

    How often do you see the B.B.C help the Armed Forces?

    May be its time the t.v. licence was scrapped like in other countries .
  12. *Snigger*
  13. Top Gear, recent Panorama from Afghanistan, only British reporter permanantley based in Kabul, Remembrance Sunday televised, Trooping of the Colour...

    Oh, woops. I seem to have gone against conventional wisdom. Balls.
  14. So exactly like a carry on film then? :D
  15. Basicly this guy claims to have links to a bomber type, and then goes paintballing. The guy sounds like a Walt to me.

    Has he been found guilty of anything yet or is this just more pointless bashing of the BBC?