BBC to spend £25m a year on Arabic TV Channel.........

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by TheBigUn, Mar 4, 2008.

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    I am slowly becoming disenchanted with the Beeb. Why should our licence fee/taxes be used to allow the rest of the world to watch free TV and listen to free radio? :evil:

    Most programmes are also now available online for anyone in the world to watch and listen to at their leisure :evil:

    I think the BBC is taking the piss out of us using our money!

    :x :x :x
  2. If only that was true, The bbc online content is only available in the UK.

    I spend 6 months of the year overseas but cant use the service that i fund, yet anyone in the UK, licence payer or not can download content.
  3. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    While on the face of it, it looks like a waste of money but considering most of the Arab speaking world sees AJ as the truth, a little more balance from a western media outlet might not be a bad thing. They might decide we're not all a bunch of heathen infidels, probably not though :oops:
  4. I was including Radio in "programmes" BBC radio is available over the internet anywhere in the world. :D
  5. This is the BBC were talking about, an organistaion which uses licence payers money to supress an internal report into it's pro arab bias.

    It is a disgrace and the sooner it loses it's franchise the better.
  6. While I agree entirely with this concept, the TV licence fee is not the way to fund Central Govt foriegn policy. It is time the licence was scrapped and the BBCeither centrally funded or forced to go commercial.
  7. Target. Stop.
  8. It should probably be pointed out that BBC overseas transmissions carry advertising,so it can be claimed that licence payer's money is not being spent on this new service.

    I guess it will be biased,though.Standard BBC proceedure.

    Recruit through the Guardian,reflect the Guardian's values.
  9. It might be worth mentioning that when the Beeb scrapped it's Persian Service, the majority of the staff upped and set up Al Jazeera......... Now theres irony for you!
  10. Totally agree, then they can put on whatever channels they want and we have no place to moan.
  11. Anyone who saw panorama a few nights ago will disagree!
  12. I couldn't disagree more. While I realise the BBC's a very sick ship, can you imagine what it'd become if any government had its purse-strings in their grasp? You only have to look at the way our current freak-show have gone out of their way to neuter it via Charter Renewal to see how dangerous that can be.

    If the BBC could be compelled to stick to its remit and avoid reality TV or such dross, it'd be a valuable tool for promoting active democracy - we could even bring in a current affairs quiz as a precondition of voting if everyone had access to a free source of news and debate.

    Commercial TV would just be more of the same shite the independent channels fill the airwaves with.
  13. If it was funded centrally, nothing would change. We'd still be getting lefty propaganda shoved down our throats every night.

    If it went commercial, it would have practically total freedom like any other TV channel. There's a risk that we'd end up with a left wing version of Fox TV barfing out global warming propaganda 24/7.

    The Tories have proposed that not all of the licence fee is given to the BBC. Some could be given to the other channels or independent programme makers. It's a pretty direct threat to cut their funding if they don't toe the (Tory) government line in future.