BBC to set up new Arab News channel

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by castlereagh, Oct 25, 2005.

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  1. Seriously what's the point of the new channel? I would say the market is already too crowded, the BBC had its chance but screwed it up.
    I understand that it's a BBC venture but what's to stop its Arab competitors labelling it as the new Al Hurra? (The American Government funded channel). The new initiative just seems to be another example of the BBC wasting taxpayers money.

    BBC News Story

  2. The fact that BEEB are world famous for their impartiality and high standard of reporting perhaps? Couldn't say that about 1 yank news channel.
  3. But I thought the BBC were a bunch of liberal, guardian readers who hated Britain? - Ahh perfect for the Arab world ! :twisted:

    I just think that the chances of this venture succeeding are virtually zero, it may draw a tiny and devoted following but its never going to compete with Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya or Abu Dhabi. It's never going to be an opinion former, especially when it will be competing with local channels (Al Manar, LebSat) aswell as Pan Arab ones.
    It's budget of £20 million is therefore nothing, the American channel Al Hurrah's annual budget is $100 million. The reputation of the BBC therefore is not enough for this venture to succeed imho.
  4. In Soviet times, radio BBC-Russian was a very important news-source (at least for me, a student then). Unlike Voice of America and CIA-sponsored Radio Freedom it was (almost) unbiased.

    Btw, international TV-news channel 'Russia today' has been created recently (and soon will function) and many journalists from BBC will work here. There will be complete international news-block on this channel along with events in Russia. I guess that the channel will have many listeners and BBC-Arabian TV too.
  5. But those were the days before media proliferation, back then even in 'free' countries your access to news sources was rather limited.
    Nowaday you have access to multiple news sources on multiple mediums (Newspaper, Radio, Tv and Internet) this is true even in places like the Middle East. Also considering the post Hutton climate can the BBC really claim to a impartial news service free from the demands and pressures of the British government ?

    Thanks for that, looked at the channel's website: Russia Today. It would be interesting to see it on screen.
  6. For many TV is the only news-source and I believe that BBC-Arabian would be very popular. At least BBC tries to be unbiased while all mentioned Arab-language global TV-channels are obviously biased.