BBC to broadcast tribute to fallen British soldiers.

BBC to broadcast tribute to fallen British soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan
By Nick Allen
Last Updated: 6:13PM BST 10/07/2008
The BBC is to broadcast a three-hour tribute to every serviceman and woman who has died serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The documentary, called The Fallen, will air on BBC2 during the week of Remembrance Day and is described as the corporation's most ambitious single documentary ever.

BBC2 Controller Roly Keating insisted the programme was not making a political case against the British presence in Iraq and Afghanistan and was instead intended to be "profoundly personal".

Mr Keating said: "The Fallen remembers all of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country in the current Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts and we hope will go some way towards creating a televisual memorial
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Thanks Skynet - it promises to be the result of a monumental effort by all involved.

BBC gets an often fair slating here for getting it so badly wrong on occasions. Well done to those at the Corporation, RBL and others who have got this off the ground. - Top marks!
It is often pointed out, how "bad" the BBC is.
Having been exposed to the US networks, as well as dross like the Fox News Network, I seriously doubt many people in the UK know what "Cr@p" can look like, as a permanent dive to the gutter.

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