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Discussion in 'RAC' started by BeastAppreciationSociety., May 25, 2006.

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  1. I found this on the net and thought I would share it with other members of arrse, its not really beneficial to those who are already members of the RAC , but , as someone hoping to join pretty soon I found it interesting and thought others , in a similar position might aswell.

    bbc page on chally 2.
  2. I thought sleeping under tanks was considered "not best practice"? :?
  3. My thoughts exactly, however, if it's on concrete or other 'hard standing' where's the problem.... just don't get in the habit.
  4. Having lost a Jock who was sleeping under a Scimitar in Germany I hope someone from the unit concerned spotted that boo-boo and pulled him out.....
  5. Usual BBC accuracy
  6. Apparently we've only got 40. Does the BBC know something we don't?
  7. I was thinking that (i think there meaning in Iraq)
  8. That stupid smile on the cnut sleeping under the panzer would have lasted about 0.1 second after the Trp Cpl caught him...............hopefully.Even if the tank is on hard ground it´s still very dangerous,imagine a Tiffy or some other jumping in the drivers seat and starts testing the driving hydroulics!

    And before a Tiffy starts screaming foul,one jumped in my Chiefy turret to check the power traverse as I was getting off it, and only saved myself with a desperate dive off the front decks as the turret wizzed over my head!

    Oh yes, I was waiting for him when he dismounted :twisted:
  9. I knew an 'Eccy' Technician that used to do that (and quite often) - the tankies nicknamed him Doctor Death
  10. and a Full Screw makes everyone scoff?
  11. I take it you´ve never served in the ´Real´army,the Full Screw would seldom be de-moted for `disciplinary action´especially when it could save lives!

    A tank is an extremely dangerous piece of kit,a seconds stupidity can be your last,that´s why a boot up the arrse was accepted and recognised for what it was, life/injury saving.

    STAB? :twisted:
  12. ...he did on our panzer. In exchange for not doing radio stag. It worked for us, depends how you organise yourself.
  13. I think TSO was expressing his surprise at this "fact" from the BBC webpage:

    The operator/loader (usually a corporal): his job includes manning the radio, loading ammunition for the main gun and the machine gun, and cooking for the crew.

    Wouldn't the loader normally be a senior Tom, possibly a Lance Jack? Unlikely to be a Full Screw at any rate.
  14. 5.6million a piece? I may be wrong, I quite often am, but last I heard was that each tank costs about 2.5million? Any advances?
  15. Well, you have to factor in inflation and upgrades, I guess. The new turrets alone are looking at costing about 2.5 million pound.