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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jake01, Apr 9, 2004.

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  2. and your point is :?:
    Leave it to the polititians we are soldiers not peace activists

  3. No point - just an interested bystander wondering whether the survey reflects opinion here at home .....

    Surely doesn't prevent you having a point of view?
  4. Jake how much does your rag charge for advertising? Im thinking we'd sell thousands of mugs with your help :D
  5. Another Poll designed by the media to sell there wares and create paranoi(sp 8O )
  6. Oddly enough as the drought around here moves into its eighth year and our water storages (dams) are down to 7% - drinking water, any bloody water is right up there for us ...

    How come soft ccok Jeremy Nye from the BBC's propoganda division didn't call?

    It's probably a local call charge after 6pm if you use British Telecom ...

    Fcukwits ....
  7. 52% of people who could be bothered to call is the main point. If you are going to pay out to phone then you have to already have an opinion or a grudge against the US/Govt/world. Joe average isn't going to waste time answering a question to which they think the answer is 'bl00dy obvious'.

    Ladies and gents..... remember, statistics can proove that a 'million to one shot' can happen 'nine times out of ten'!