BBC Survey - The future of Britains armed services

Quite frankly, I can't be arrsed. If it was anyone other than the BBC I would at least try to feign interest.
Yes, you have to careful how you answer the first question as you can contradict yourself further on. Naughty Beeb. Whats the betting they either ignore the answers or apply a different ranking where someone has ticked the 'have you served' box?
Blimey, that's a biased questionairre. I didn't feel comfortable answering those questions as none of them gave me an answer choice that I agreed with!
In the future what conflicts should Britain's servicemen and women be involved in? Defending British interests? Keeping the peace in war-torn countries?

We want to hear what you think the role of the British armed forces should be. Your views will help make a special day of programmes on 5 live in March.

What a load of b0llocks

The role is whatever the Gov of the day tells you it is, that's why we swear the oath.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but squaddies fight for the man next to them, not what politicians have decided. We're volunteers to the Oath, not debators to the reason.

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