BBC Story - Tattoos in the workplace

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by 58_Pattern, Jun 19, 2006.

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  1. Should this wee girl be made to cover up in the workplace ? Personally I think so, it's bad to look at. I am also sure that she would not get past the AFCO medical for those tattoos. Whats the current policy on Tattoos in the mob ? Would be interested to see views & opinions ?

    :: Clickety Click ::
  2. Cover up?? Are you mad? Bare all!!!!!! Please?

    Quite honestly she does have too many tatoos, they should be discriminated against
  3. So am I allowed to cry to the BBC because the Army won't let me get tattoos on my face. Maybe one of those funky tear-drops on my cheek?

    It's called professionalism and presentation.

    [Should probably point out here that I don't actually want a face tattoo]
  4. Cover up? Absolutely! Paper bag as well.
  5. Tramp stamps are bad enough but she's taking the pish...

    I believe that tat's are a no-no in basic and phase 2 training (or whatever it's called now). I know in the RN, as long as it's not above the neckline, below the wrists, or inciteful (bnp shite etc) then it's not a problem. However, if your tattoo gets infected and you get downgraded for a few days then the service police try to have a field day.

    Saying that, I do know of a pongo bird who had a tattoo in her ear 8O and got through the AFCO process!!
  6. Paper bag a neccesity. Moose!
  7. This made me laugh-one of the comments in the story

    One crazzzzzzzyyyyyyy barsteward.... :roll:
  8. She looks like a cnut.

    Welcome to minimum wage princess, you’ll never be taken seriously enough to get a real job looking like a circus freak.
  9. Get the impression she's just an awkward fcuker who wants to pish people off.
  10. See if the freak show at the circus is recruiting?
  11. She should have thought about looking a cunt before she decided to 'express' herself. There is a reason why people like this will never rise above car park attendant/toilet licker/RLC driver. Its because they have simple little brains that fail to see the 'big picture'.

    Crack on and draw on yourself but dont expect anyone above the age of 12 to take you seriously.
  12. Tattoos in the Army are allowed, even for officers, before beginning the process. They don't want them on the forearms, the neck and above, or anywhere that'll be obvious when in service dress, really. So if you have a tat that isn't visible in short sleeves and trousers, then you're fine.
  13. Somebody else made the comment that she doesn't want to be judged on her appearance, and then goes and spends thousands on her appearance...I thought that was spot-on.

    If she interviewed with me in Civvystrasse, I wouldn't hire her based on my belief that someone who's simultaneously trying to attract people's attention with her appearance while trying to get in everyone's faces about "judging her" would be a drama-queen and a distraction. Nor could I expect my clients, who were usually 45+, conservative and male, to take her seriously.

    And if you're not mature enough to accept that it is more beneficial for businesses to project a professional image (not a cutting-edge-how-artsy-and-hip-we-are image), then you're obviously not mature enough to work for me. If that's discrimination against immaturity, then shoot me.

    But do many girls come into basic looking like that :?
  14. Forearm tattoos are allowed.
  15. I think Forearm tattoos are allowed once your in, not whilst joining? Or is that totally wrong, and forearm tattoos are allowed in training? Obviously assuming that it doesn't say, "BNP FOREVER!" etc.