BBC stop the spin!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Coiled_Spring, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. Am thoroughly disgusted with the BBC's reporting of the BASRA loss. I cannot believe that they think we are stupid enough to be fooled with the freeing of the "lost matelots" being more important than the loss of more of our soldiers. It's not as if our nautical compatriots were in any mortal danger in IRAN.

    If i could revoke paying my licence fee i would.

    British Blinkered Corporation, stop being so left wing, and wecome back to unbiased reporting.
  2. Agree with the general sentiment - but we couldn't be so sure the 15 in Teheran weren't at risk.
  3. What was once the envy of the world - British Broadcasting Corporation - is now a disgrace to the nation.

    It is so completely infiltrated by 'left-wing' Trotski-ites and is merely the mouthpiece of this Quasi Marxist Stalinist government.

    Listening now to the appalling Humphrys spinning away against CNS.

    Why do we put up with this?
  4. Well the only bit The World got to hear went down the plughole a while ago when BBC world Service started using English-speakers instead of English people as announcers - so we now get Indians and Australians as presenters on BBC World Service talking about Africa or USA but rarely about Britain.

    The BBC sees itself as an orbiting satellite station with nothing but cashflow from this island and tries to deny its provenance as a nationalised company by pretending to be International Broadcasting Corporation competing with CNN and Al-Jazeera....or as BBC prefers to think - competing with Disney...though I like to think Disney has better fantasy in news through ABC
  5. There was however an excellent and informative piece this morning about gorillas hunting easter eggs in a zoo.
  6. The deaths are, sadly, something with a limited time span in terms of interest and discussion. There may be some bandwidth in 'women in a war zone' but that would also fade out after the usual weirdos had their ignorant rant. However, the "hostage" story has ramifications that will provide cheap and easily-obtained news for at least another 10 days.
  7. I remember watching a report on CNN about an insurgent attack. CNN reported that the victims had been "murdered". Watch the BBC and they will tell you the they were "killed". The BBC refuses to accept that victims of terrorist attacks are unlawfully killed.

    One man's terrorist is the BBC's freedom fighter!
  8. xmal
    Very true. Your freedom fighter might be a terrorist to me. The BBC is listened to in very many countries. Just check out CNN for what some Americans think of it.
  9. If you think the spin is bad now, look what's around the corner...

  10. Jobs for the boys.

    It just goes to prove that it's not what you know, it's who you know.

    Can we expect to see Mandy Mandelson et al, all queuing up for Peerages, Knighthoods and other awards???

    I wonder why Jack Straw sought the abolition of the upper house, is it because our current bunch of (Bent) Politicians couldn't find gainful employment this side of Khatmandu.

    Come to think of it, they're not even worthy of that. At least the sirdars and porters etc are a proud bunch.
  11. The coverage given to a kidnapped journo-Alan Johnson-far outweighs anything that the Beeb gives our Forces-and has lasted longer!!