BBC staff,are these two arrsers?

Clarkson uses the term quite frequently in his Sunday Times columns, and no-one appears to have picked him up for this (perhaps because they know (a) the BBC daren't suspend him because of the huge cash bonanza that is Top Gear (b) he won't give a * )

Nice to see MENCAP sticking up for those with fenestrelingual habits:

"People with a learning disability are a valuable part of our society and it is a disgrace that they are treated as objects to make fun of," said a spokesman who presumably hasn't visited this site...


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unfair to penalize these guys ... they never mentioned ice cream or balloons and the word mong never passed their lips.
If they aren't members already, I would extend a hand of welcome and a pint for each of them, should they ever wish to come and contribute to the mong slagging fest is Arrse. Well done fellas, good drills.
Strange how Mencap felt compelled to reply. If the cap fits...


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I once new an Ian Hart in the mob
If it's him - keep up the good work old son :clap: