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Some very serious news, taken from the CELEBDAQ website (

As with every bear with a sore head, if you taunt it long enough it will bite your head off and that’s exactly what has happened to our Aussie friends. Seemingly sick of having our Rugby World Cup victory rubbed in their faces at every given opportunity they have taken matters into their own hands and have been plotting the downfall of Jonny Wilkinson in a grand plan that would put Guy Fawkes to shame.

Thousands of Aussie ex –pats have been visiting the BBC Sports Personality of the Year website and voting in their masses for tennis star Tim Henman to win. Bookmakers had stopped taking bets on Wilkinson sure that he would walk away with the much deserved title this year but now with the Aussie interference trying to scupper his chances we can’t be so sure.

It is hard to believe that such hostility can come from the same country that brought us Alf Stewart and Tim-Tams but there you go. So in retaliation to the retaliation all we can say is: Yes, we are the champions, yes, we are rubbing it in and yes, we shall we collecting the column inches by the bucket load in two weeks time then Wilkinson wins another major sporting achievement – childish, moi?
I suggest we need to redress the balance goto:

to cast your vote.

I mean Tim Henman...what the f@ck has he ever done for British Sport except disappoint?
Thanks for the link BowMan. I've just voted for Sid & Doris Bonkers. Where would Neasden FC be without them?
Fair play to the ozzies, we'd do the same thing in their place. But is it really Wilkinson who should get it, there was a whole team on that pitch. Jonny's just one man.


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A_team_lucy said:
Fair play to the ozzies, we'd do the same thing in their place. But is it really Wilkinson who should get it, there was a whole team on that pitch. Jonny's just one man.
The personality of the year has to be an individual but there is the prize for team of the year and I think that is where you will see MJ step up for the shield.
Team Game, Team Effort.

But at the same time - Top Carries JW, Top Tackler JW.

Wilkies a part of the team and couldn't perform without the team but he is still bloody good in his own right.
A_team_lucy said:
fingers crossed for MJ
Yeh. Let's hope he gets off. He really isn't that interested in children you know.


We'll have to find if the Aussies do a sports personality of the year and get johnny to kick that too.
good tenuous link MPS, thinking bout it tho, I'm surprised wacko jacko isn't already a topic of conversation. You'd have thought the material was endless.[/img]
He is Lucy! Have a look in the NAAFI under 'He's at it again'. Guarantee to cheer your morning up....
I've heard that there is a campaign to have a Gaelic player voted as the BBC sports personality of the year. We even got an email here in my work...

Dear All,

There is a campaign to have yer man Canavan (Tyrone GAA) as BBC Sportsman of the Year.

He represents an anti British game that for years discriminated against members of the Army and RUC and shows no allegiance to Britain. The GAA is a political organisation.

Please make sure that this does not happen by going to the BBC Sports website and voting for someone else like Johnny Wilkinson.

Pass this on.


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So JW can kick a rugby ball? Becks can kick a football? so bloody what.. they get paid good money for their skills.

As for any sports personality of the year award. In my view it should go the sports personality's agent of the year award. it is my TV licence fees that pays for this program to be made, and pays for an award to someone who is normally better off financially than a lot of us, and somehow it just does not enhance my life very much. :roll:
ExDvr1 - Write to Aunty Beeb with the proposal for a new, fresh programe that reflects your views and is nearer to the common-man in the street.

Call it "Middle Aged Grumpy Git Of The Year Awards" :evil:

I am sure you will get a few votes.
Its mind numbing TV.

And who really cares, its just another award/back slapping kiss arse sort of thing and is not really worthy of further thought.

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