BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2012

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by schweik, Sep 11, 2012.

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  1. Following on from some discussion on the Andy Murray thread I checked the search function and it seems that the last time that Arrsers got excited about this was in 2008 (although there was a thread in 2010 as well). In 2008 the opening post on the thread was from Afghanman who said:

    "Got to be a close run thing between Chris Hoy and Lewis Hamilton (if he wins the F1 Title) hasn't it?
    Becky Adlington?
    Andy Murray has got to be up there too... "

    Bipolar responded making reference to Murray needing a personality implant. How some things never change!

    So in 2012 Who should win, and why?
    Should there be a separate category for men and women?
    Should paralympians have their own category or be in with the rest?
  2. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    If it was based on the people's choice, it would have to be Bradley - no question. Tells it like it is, no delusions of grandeur etc - and what a triumph at the Tour de France and Olympics.

    But as it's BBC sports personality of the year - well, it's anyone's guess.
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  3. Victoria Pendleton gets my vote as she looks great in tight lycra?
  4. What Andy Murray has achieved is nothing short of remarkable. I realise that he has a big team behind him (as does every professional sportsperson), but an Olympic Gold in Singles, a Silver in Mixed Doubles, a win at the US Open and a appearance in the Wimbledon Final is pretty impressive by anyone's standards.

    The level of fitness and commitment required to win an individual Grand Slam title is no mean feat. He gets my vote and I am not even scottish!

    Of course he will have to share SPOY 12 with Bradley Wiggins.

    Mo Farah - Second
    Jessica Ennis - Third
  5. Becky Adlington?

  6. Ellie Simmonds, ...admit would
  7. My List in no particular order is:

    Bradley Wiggins
    David Weir
    Sarah Storey
    Jessica Ennis
    Mo Farah
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  8. It was from a 2008 poll when she won two Golds...
  9. Last year there was an outcry that it's been a man for X years, so i reckon they'll go for a chick this time round.

    My money is on Jessica Ennis, although I'd like to see big Bradley Wiggins get it!
  10. Too close to call, IMHO.

    Jessica Innes.

    Sir Chris Hoy.

    Andy Murray.

    Bradley Wiggens.

    Mo Farah.

    Any of the above would be a deserving winner.:cool:
  11. Remembering that it's about Sports 'Personality'

    1st - Mo Farrah
    2nd - Ellie Simmons
    3rd - Bradley Wiggins or Laura Trott

    Closre runners up - Jess Ennis, Dave Weir, Sarah Storey

    Wouldn't vote for Andy Murray in a month of Sunday's, miserable twat
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  12. Phil Taylor

    Keith Arthur

    Claire Taylor

    Ronnie O'Sullivan

    Wayne Rooney

    No arguements there i think
  13. Anyone but Murray.

    For me:


    But it will probably go to that sour faced miserable Jock minority sport player.

    I am pretty sur eit will not be going to John Terry or Joey Barton
  14. Not to decry anything that Jessica Ennes has achieved, but let's be honest, the hysteria has always been because of how she looks. The 'poster girl' of the British Olympic team?
  15. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Which is precisely why she will be one of the favourites to win the BBC (we are impartial) SPOY this year!!