BBC Sports Bod of the Year

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, Dec 9, 2007.

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  1. Now that Hatton has lost who will the great British Public award the 'honour' to? Personally I'm plugging for Calzaghe but only because I've got a tenner on him at 8/1!
    With the BBC's latest track record of phone in though it will probably go to Kieron Fallon!
    Lets see what you lot think.
  2. I'd like to see Calzaghe win but in all probability Hamilton will.
  3. World Champion (twice, and on different bikes)

    James Toseland.

    I believe he is also singing tonight, seeing as he is also the lead singer of a band called Crash (!) He is also Cosmopolitan pinup of the year, but that isn't my bag baby.....
  4. What a decision eh? Select the unified super middleweight champion of the world, unfeated throughout his whole career, been world champion for 10 years, a role model for kids everywhere and a true gent? Or select a bloke who's been in Formula 1 for a single year and has won no title but f***ed off to be a tax exile already. Oh but wait, the first guy isn't English. For some reason those snobbish hypocrites would rather an English loser got the title than a Scottish / Welsh / Northern Irish winner. It's a shame, since we're all supposed to be British. When was the last time that a non-English person won it. Those sports stars are so seduced by fame and privilege they even voted for a f***ing royal!
  5. Steady on there, Oatmeal Ethnic.

    Joe, if he won it, would be a worthy recipient, but not winning it has nothing to do with his Welshness. His profile, and this is through no fault of his own, is low, relatively speaking. If he had managed to go over to the US and win over there, instead of not fighting outside of Wales, he would go a lot closer. Only fighting in Wales has been his downfall.
  6. Well okay then, let's give it to Toseland because he can rock! I bet Lewis Hamilton couldn't rock if he was in the front row of a Metallica concert.

    But it should still be Calzaghe
  7. I think you miss my point. I was merely informing you all out there in Cyberland that he would be playing. Having said that, I think that the title is misleading, because it DOES say "personality" in the title. For all his speed, Lewis Hamiltons personality isn't his long suit.

    If it was on personality, I'd give it to Ian Holloway every year......

    Jason Robinson is a good shout. World Cup winner, captained his country, represented his country and Islands at both Rugby codes. Consumate professional.
  8. What about Dai Rees !957
    Jackie Stewart 1973
    Barry McGuigan 1985
    Liz McColgan 1991

    And don't forget Greg Rusedski 1997 and Lennox Lewis 1999, they were Canadians FFS!
  9. Errr, Hamilton is English? I errr, think not!
  10. Your point?

    Because if it is what you think it is, then I think you are heading down a dangerous path.
  11. Where in the title does it say English?
    BBC Sports Personality , i believe its titled
    If memory serves , there is usually it category for Overseas personality too.
  12. I think Frank..... sorry Scott Carson might get a few votes from the Jocks. :roll:
  13. Lester Piggot
  14. The bloke who scored the winning goal for croatia...all day long.....because we dont have to put up with the drivel next year... :cheers:
  15. Just thought about that John Darwin fella for services to canoeing!