BBC Snubs singing solders

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by WilieCayote, Nov 16, 2009.

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  1. Daily Mail (and various e-mails doing the rounds)

    Singing soldiers' anger as BBC snubs their charity hit

    Link - Daily Mail

    The main Jist is...
    Sgt-Major Chilton said: ‘Commercial radio stations have given us their full support. My local station, Andover Sound, has been playing it regularly and Richie and Ryan have heard it repeatedly on their local stations.

    'If the song doesn’t get played on the main stations, it isn’t going to be heard by the public. But if it does get played and the public hear it, then it will be downloaded and we will raise more money for charity.’

    The BBC defended its move but it denied boycotting the song. A spokesman said: ‘We cannot be seen to officially endorse or ask for donations to charities. Decisions on playlisting are made by individual DJs purely on merit.
    ‘Radio 2 has been playing Coming Home since October 11 – on Terry Wogan, Sarah Kennedy and Michael Ball’s shows – and it is being played on BBC local radio stations.’

    I hate the BBC with a vengeance - I'd 'Bin' the Licence fee tomorrow!

    I wouldn't put this story beyond the BBC.. As they are so Politically Correct it's embarassing.. But.. would even the BBC hold back on the playlist?
    Mmmm 8O not so sure

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  2. Yes, but it is shite.
  3. Strange how the BBC are playing Mark Knopflers one a lot then. Strange they don't endorse charities, how about the Band Aid singles, plus the Children in Need singles seems they do but might be pick and mix or storm in a tea cup.
  4. I agree. But then, if being mawkish toss were any bar to the Radio 1 playlist (which I guess they're hinting at), then an awful lot of stuff wouldn't be played - starting with all the identikit, over-preened, quasi-hetero boy balladeers.

    Fair play to the lads for the charity aspect.
  5. What he said.
  6. In that case I wish they would shut up about Children in Need Im sick of the sight of it ....
  7. They play a lot of other shite, so what's the difference??
  8. I think you've hit the nail on the head there. They don't want any distraction for there 'Pudsey' bollox.

    Their inconsistancy with Charities is laughable. It seems to be whatever is in/out impartial/supported. It makes for a mockery considering we have to have a licence by law.
  9. If I remember correctly Radio 1 don't play Status Qou when they release a new single so there is some consistency
  10. I think the BBC license fee should be cut to 40 pounds at least especially, if you consider all the repeats on TV.
  11. you're admitting reading the Daily Mail :?

    if you like the song that much, then buy it.

    Personally I think its cack, but then again I can be a grumpy old fker at times :D
  12. Am I the only one who absolutely 'kin cringes when their advert comes on the TV?

    Its just so syrupy & sugar coated & what I would expect of the RAF!
  14. This is quite literally the most ourageous thing I've read in the last 20 minutes.

    Bunch of whining fcuking spastics.
  15. Re: BBC Snubs singing solders

    Snubs the SOLDERS???????

    How would you get all your electronic graphic cards repaired and wiring correctly connected. Whats next pick on the welders???

    Ok think i should go back into the Engineering threads I think I might of got this topic wrong :wink: